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PaulXStretch plugin
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Author PaulXStretch plugin
Pretty stoked this is now a plugin. Check it out!
Care to tell us more about it than simply dropping an advertisement for a nearly finished plug-in? thumbs up
Yeah offcourse I can, sorry about that: I'm not affiliated, noir I am the developer.
Paulstretch was a standalone and was/is pretty well known for its extreme time stretching capabilities.. Just thought dropping it here cause my jaw kinda dropped when running this plugin. I think he did a amazing job.

A little more info on paul stretch: ..69i57j0l5.2023j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
crawling wind
That's great news! Thanks for posting.
Loopy C
Yeah man, thank you alexander92 for posting!!!

Totally missed this and was a great fan of the original, can't wait to check out this version smile
Oh cool! I didn't know that anyone was messing around with Paulstretch in plugin form. I'll give it a download.

I've been following Xenakios's stuff for awhile. Those videos of Lambda that he's teased a year or so back looked really great. It looked sort of like if Audiomulch was more focused on the things you can do with offline processing - a bunch of the processes from CDP are incorporated as well as offline printing of VST fx. I hope he makes some progress with it this year.

Check out Hourglass too - it's a cool standalone granular app he's worked on.

I love tools that are a bit off the beaten path from people who are hacking around on non-commercial projects just because they think they are fun.
There's also a standalone version.

Loopy C
snakejaw wrote:
There's also a standalone version.


Amazingly, though he is focused on the plug-in currently, I mentioned the limit on maximum stretch with standalone today (was '128'), and he updated to '1024' within the hour!

Always inspiring to see talented coders volunteering their abilities as no profit contributions to useful and fun open source projects like 'PaulStretch' smile
Woohoo I am stoked for this. Installing this right now.
Nice ☝️
The only problem with PaulStretch is that you can then spend hours enjoying the results. w00t
alexander92 thanks for the heads up.
cretaceousear wrote:
The only problem with PaulStretch is that you can then spend hours enjoying the results. w00t

Years even!
Have you had any problems with this plugin and High Sierra?
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