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cheap panel marking option
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Author cheap panel marking option
imcmahon _s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Weatherproof polyester laser-printable mailing labels!

They work surprisingly well! Adhesive is quite good; I put one on wrong and tried to peel it up, and it was very difficult, and left most of its adhesive on the panel. They don't smudge with a fair bit of handling so far.

Hardest part was cutting out the holes; I did it with a razor blade, would probably be easier and cleaner with an xacto knife. I'm not too worried about the holes that will be covered with nuts, and for the display hole I slit it corner to corner and folded it around the edges and adhered to the back, so it forms a nice white bezel around the display.

This looks great! Thanks for sharing.

I found some labels on Amazon UK, that seems to be similar:

A4 Vinyl labels on Amazon UK
Thanks very much for posting that. I've been using Brother P-touch labels for my prototypes but this will be a big improvement. thumbs up

Did you create the Braids graphics from scratch?
no I used the illustrator drawings that Mutable publishes in their open source designs. I'd like to create my own artwork for them, but I'm not exactly a graphic artist and mostly wanted to test out these labels smile
hey a tip on making the cutouts: try using a sharp countersink drill bit and turn them in the holes by hand... i've had good luck doing this to cut out overlays... good for the round ones at least
Yeah that's not a bad idea. I was using a rectangular razor blade, and basically just using the corner as a deburring tool to lightly chamfer the hole. It works pretty well, except if I'm not very careful about blade angle, it can tend to tear the polyester radially away from the hole rather than cut it cleanly.

These two came out nice enough; the little LED holes where there's no bezel to hide the edge of the label are the roughest spots:

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