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module killed.. plugged in wrong
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Author module killed.. plugged in wrong
Hey guys,
yesterday night i finished the erica synth polivoks2. It was late but i wanted to test it immediately. So i plugged it in the wrong way, red stripe to +12v and the module began to make a weird noise for 2-3sec, then the noise stopped.
Then i realized that i plugged it in wrong..
So im asking now, is there a method to check what part did get burned/killed? I got a multimeter but no idea how to use it to find out what parts are dead.. If anyone can help me would be great!!
Sorry to hear it, but many of us have done similar things so you aren't alone! hihi

The first thing I'd do is look for obviously burnt/charred/exploded parts. Also try to locate the area with the problem by trying to find the strongest burnt smell. Sometimes it's not possible to see or smell the damage though.

Looking at Erica's site they state "Protection on reversed power supply" so . . . maybe it's OK? Did you try to plug the power in correctly to see if it still works? It has "re-settable fuses" at the power input so once it has cooled down try it again with the power connected correctly/

Resettable fuses are made of patented novel polymeric PTC material in thin sheet form. With electrodes and leads attached on both sides, it is placed in a series to protect a circuit. At “normal operating condition” the device remains at an extremely low resistance (mini-ohms) and allows the electrical current flow thought it without any restriction. When over-current condition occurs, the polymeric PTC material heats up and its resistance increases sharply. Such a sharp resistance increase (to an insulated status) cuts off the current in the circuit, and consequently protects the element and device in the circuit. Upon the fault current being removed, the resettable fuse will be cooled and its resistance will drop to the original extremely low value. The fuse was “resetted” and allows the current through the circuit again.
Maybe just the ICs are dead. Doesn't look like there's much in the circuit that would be damaged by reverse polarity.
Yeah there really isn't too much. Check the fuses to makes sure you have voltage going into the module first then look over the schematic and maybe replace everything that's tied directly to +/-V supply.
lostpablo wrote:
Then i realized that i plugged it in wrong..

And you tried after that to plug it (the power I mean) correctly?
Thanks JohnLRise for the explanation.
If this has worked, the module should be still ok
thanks JohnLRice for the explanation!
module is ok!!
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