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BEMI is purchased by Buchla U.S.A.
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Author BEMI is purchased by Buchla U.S.A.
Buchla U.S.A.
Buchla U.S.A.
4024 E 46th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55406


Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments has been purchased by Buchla U.S.A. 
The historic electronic music instrument company has been purchased, is under new management, and is now headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  

Minneapolis, Minnesota January 18, 2018:  Announcing the purchase of Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments by Buchla U.S.A. LLC. The iconic electronic musical instrument company founded by Don Buchla as Buchla and Associates in the mid-1960s is now headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota and headed by CEO Eric Fox.
The new company will continue to create unique, expressive, and iconic electronic performance instruments and controllers with a focus on the 50+ year history of Don Buchla. Buchla U.S.A.’s lead design and engineering is being performed by Don Buchla's right-hand-man, Joel Davel, who worked with Don for over 20 years. Production of the majority of Buchla modules is being handled by Dave Reilly, who was hand-picked by Don to manufacture Buchla products. Both design and production are located in the San Francisco bay area, as they were in the 1960s.   
“With such an amazing legacy I am really excited about telling the story of Don and working closely with Joel and Dave to develop new products in the spirit of Don... and even revisiting/reimagining some of his designs that never actually made it out into the wild!" said Buchla U.S.A. CEO Eric Fox, about this historic purchase. “I hope to involve as many of the artists and people that inspired Don as possible, moving forward. We owe it to him and the generations of new users to give them a sense of what he was all about." 
Buchla U.S.A. is committed to the continued production of high-quality historic synthesis/performance technology, a focus on and celebration of Don Buchla's legacy, and meeting the needs of Buchla customers. 
By listening to the needs of composers at the San Francisco Tape Music Center, Don Buchla created one of the first modular voltage-controlled synthesizers in the mid-1960s as only a gifted designer and engineer could. His innovative and seminal musical instruments have inspired composers and listeners alike for over 50 years.

Buchla U.S.A. Contact: Marc Doty

So Buchla and Foxtone are owned and run by the same guy, I take it. This should be a good thing!

EDIT: Now I see that this is posted by Buchla... Welcome! I hope this turns out nicely for everyone.
This is welcome news. I've been dealing with Eric in his capacity as an official Buchla dealer for a couple years now. His customer service is top notch. I can see his leadership having a very positive effect on Buchla products and services.
Wow! This is great news! Eric at Foxtone rocks and has always furthered
Don's legacy. Joel is the Man, having worked with Don for so many years
and also having designed and developed the Aux Card and much of the iProgram Card et al. Though I haven't met Dave, his build reputation is
legendary and was the Berkeley Buchla & Assoc. manufacturer. I'm excited!! w00t
Thank fuck. That's all that really needs to be said at the moment.

I hope this rev is a good 'un.
yay - this sounds like good news for the buchla universe!

SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger!
applause Go Eric ! applause
Oh, yes! Best news I've heard all year (and last year too).
Great news. This is long overdue, and will hopefully give the 200e the support and reputation that Don's legacy deserves.
Two things.

1) I will be pronouncing the name "Buchla U.S.A." As "Buchaloosa" until further notice.

2) Please tell me Doty walked up to an Easel and looked around for the cutoff slider.
Happy this is moving in what seems to be the right direction!
Marc Doty as in Automatic Gainsy? hmmm.....
Sounds promising! (Moreso than BEMI acquisition on launch)

I feel whatever the opposite of schadenfreude is for everyone invested (emotionally or otherwise) in Don Buchla's legacy and instruments.

Guinness ftw!
PS. it would be great if you guys could sort a way for people outside of the US to access repairs and servicing without the fear of being caught out by the taxman!

Good luck giving Don's designs the platform they deserve.
Very good news indeed!
This is very exciting news! thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up
Seems like a very positive move indeed. w00t
I'm heartened by the good vibes people are giving this turn of events, may it all be for the best and good for all!
YES, just.... YES! w00t

So happy to hear Eric is at the helm on this. I was completely satisfied/happy with my experiences with starting up my baby b last fall through him. He was so positive and optimistic about the products and the services he was able to provide his customers with his network... clearly he saw the writing on the wall.

Congratulations Eric! screaming goo yo Rockin' Banana!
Congrats to Eric! great service-oriented guy I know will be a success from personal dealings I've had with him in the past. And a lot closer to Cleveland now... West Coast finally coming to where it belongs ---Mid-West Coast.
tIB wrote:
PS. it would be great if you guys could sort a way for people outside of the US to access repairs and servicing without the fear of being caught out by the taxman!

Good luck giving Don's designs the platform they deserve.

This sounds very promising - long live Buchla USA and the 200e!
Greetings from Denmark
Wonderful news! My dealings with Eric were easy and well-communicated.

Best of luck and looking forward to what's on the horizon!
Yeah, a couple days ago I was told they were getting a new distributor which is why i’ve Been waiting so long for my easel. I guess it’s a whole new company now. Crazy
So... who wants to set up a skype between Minnesota and Japan (cough roman_f cough...)?... hyper thumbs up
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