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Digitakt / FH-1 clocking help
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Author Digitakt / FH-1 clocking help
Hi all,

Has anyone had any success clocking from the Digitakt to the FH1? I received the Fh-1 yesterday and it has been one of the first things i would like to get working.

The plan was to send the clock out of port 8 - So far i have set channel 5 CC 103 for LFO and channel 3 71 for tempo sync. Putting a clock into the X input, the clock is outputted on Port 8 as expected however i don't get this behavior from the Digitakt over USB.

It seems that the clock is getting received by the FH-1, for example when plugged in the sequencer scrolls though 1-8. Weirdly though the speed of this scrolling doesnt change regardless of the tempo speed set on the Digitakt.

Any advice or help would be much appreciated,

Running F/W V2.0

Ive had a bit of success with the found on this forum post

It kind of works but requires pressing Stop/Play on the Digitakt multiple times to get the clock to trigger the FH1. Once playing its syncs well and stays in time.

Is there any plans to improve this in an up and coming update?
ok found the problem - Purchased this 'new' from a shop on ebay, im guessing it was a return from a customer who must have been messing with the scripts or something. very frustrating

resetting to defaults on the device and re-adding the default script seems to have sorted things.
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