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Old Midi Controller mods
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Author Old Midi Controller mods
Yesterday I looked at my old midi controller - Native Instruments Kore 2, since NI stopped supporting it years ago, there are no drivers and no way to use it with modern computers, period (NI just told me: throw it into the trash can ).

So I'm wondering what can be done with it now - it's still a nice case with even nicer buttons/knobs. Maybe put DIY synth inside? Aurdino modification? Adopt it somehow to midi without drivers? Interested in your ideas, whatever it could be...

yeah that is a bit of a sad story. Which I foresaw when NI released those controllers. I somehow knew these devices won't be compatible after a couple of years. But it's not only NI who have been stuck in the paradigm that every hardware device needed a driver. Which is still partly true for audio interfaces, although even those can be class compliant nowadays. KMI, a younger company, did it right from the beginning, they made their products class compliant, without drivers.

But now to the Kore 2 controller. I have no idea what it outputs as data. First I would check with a MIDI analyser software like MIDI-OX what it outputs. If it isn't recognised by MIDI-OX, I'm afraid that you indeed have to give it to the electronic device recycling trash.

Which is probably the case. You may search the internet about mods and hacks. I mean, the hardware is robust, the encoders aren't bad at all. Maybe there is a way to use this device today and in the future.
The problem is that without drivers it even won't start (black screen... ), and obviously, there's nothing on the output at this state...

Maybe just use it as a box/encoders for the future diy synth project, or... ? I like "error instruments" way of work - just keep the case and put something inside!
If you still have the installation discs for the old operating system and the drivers, it might be possible to use VirtualBox or other similar program to create a virtual machine on your new computer where you run the old operating system and program. I'm running Windows 2000 on a Win 7 computer this way to be able to use my old Canon printer as well as an old version of Photoshop that came with my first digital camera. It's a little inconvenient but it works at least. Although, there may be an issue with the license if the old operating system is installed on a new computer, but it worked in my case.
yeah but too tricky and not so exciting... since newer versions of software which are supposed to be controlled by it, they not working with older os versions... it's all marketing...
I have a NI 4Control here that i want to use for the same reason.

gut it. Dead Banana

and see what i can do with it.

would be nice to use the box and fill it with something simple and effective like this
If it has the space inside (which it doesn't seem to from that picture) you could wire an Axoloti to run off those pots and buttons.
ersatzplanet wrote:
If it has the space inside (which it doesn't seem to from that picture) you could wire an Axoloti to run off those pots and buttons.

Kool idea, thanks. There should be enough space, it's a bit thicker than it seems. Axoloti is quite interesting!
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