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Quasimidi Polymorph (thoughts on sound, mods... )
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Author Quasimidi Polymorph (thoughts on sound, mods... )
One of my favorites VA synths from the 90s is Quasimidi Polymorph. Wierd, special, with a mighty sequencer built it... But it's also well known for a bit weak and grungy sound (which I like, got used to it and like to process it with external gear, but... ). Not sure what's the reason for that weakness- bad DAC? weak samples (Polymorph OSCs are based on a sample waves )? Something else or just the design in general?

Yesterday I was thinking about another German synth - "20" from Alex Hartmann ( ). As far as I understood, Alex designed the output section as something hi-end and special to make the whole sound less thin and digital... Maybe something like that is possible to implement into Polymorph design? Any ideas and thoughts on Polymorph sound enhancement (incl. very esoteric ides as well ) are welcome!
Stick a pair of ebbe und fluts behind it - everything sounds better through them.
I'd have thought very few people other than the designer would know enough about it's VA implementation, dac and circuitry to come up with a workable suggestion to mod the box though - I don't see many non bend mods to VA synthetic, especially ones as obscure as this. That said I'm often proved wrong...
Given that this held value decently and a shortage of replacements, I wouldn't make any major mods it.

If the sound is too noisy/grungy... you may consider drop-in replacements for any op amps to a higher quality chip.

DAC / sample rate changes could be impacted by or cause impact multiple hardware and software points. best to steer clear of trying to do too much there because you could "brick" the system and no source for retired parts/chips.
I see, just a crazy idea!

Probably this topic should end up in "GENERAL GEAR". I still would love to get the feedback from other Polymorph lovers/haters - what you personally think about PM sound? Any tricks/recipes?

What I learned about it - keep OSC levels at about 50%, don't use internal effects, use ext. outputs and put an Eventide DSP on each part. After that, it starts to sound interesting...
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