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Disting mk3 banks 2c and 3a problem
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Author Disting mk3 banks 2c and 3a problem
Hi os - I've put the latest firmware (v3.10) on my mk3 and the algorithms in banks 2c and 3a are not functioning. I checked to make sure it is the right version and that the waveform animator in bank 1b and the dual noise in bank 2d are working. I've been able to update the firmware a few times, all the way back from 3.0, but this one didn't quite work. Any help would be appreciated.
What do you mean by "not functioning" exactly?
In bank 3a, audio going into X goes through it and comes out of A and B, but there are no reverb or chorus effects. Turning Z has no effect except for some distortion at the extremes. Here's a video:

With the wavetable vco, I can get audio from A and B, but cv into X has no effect on pitch, and Z seems to change the wavetable rather than tune it. the parameters also do not work. Video:

Hope this helps.
Bank 3a algorithm 3a has nothing in it, so it's running the Precision Adder (a clue is how the LEDs respond when you turn Z). Try e.g. 1a for reverb.

I can't see in your second video how you selected the algorithm but I suspect it's the same problem, that you're just in the wrong algorithm.
For bank 3A, selecting the wrong algorithm was indeed the problem. There's a typo in the otherwise extremely handy illustrated manual that was throwing me off.

For the wavetable osc, I had created a bad playlist setup.

In short, everything's working as expected.

Thanks for the perspective.
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