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Doepfer A-185-2 Precision Adder in Ableton
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Author Doepfer A-185-2 Precision Adder in Ableton
Wondering if there is an Ableton/Max device that can combine two or more sequences in order to create a new one, like the Doepfer A-185-2.

The idea is inspired by mylarmelodies video, which in turn is inspired by Steevio's creative sequencing.

Currently all my sequencing comes from outside the modular (A4 + CVPal) so such a device would save me some money and hp, while also allowing me to see how much I'm into this whole idea after all.
Combining midi data in Ableton from different tracks is easily done if you don't have any complex needs, you can send the Midi output of one or more Midi Tracks to another by setting the 'Midi To' value.

NB this won't work like a precision adder (as, unlike CV, the note values won't be added together), but it is a fun way to get polyrhythmic and shifting sequences out.
EDITED: was being an idiot, and away from Ablelton Live.

however maybe send both MIDIs on different channels and then combine using a third channel which is taking omni... then sending that channel to CVPAL ( which cant take omni as it uses channel to configure its outputs)

the only advantage of this is you can send bits of the melody to other synths and the combined one to wherever you want.

Thanks for the replies. From what I get these methods will combine two or more MIDI tracks into a new one and if two notes overlap, it won't create a new note by adding/subtracting the two, as the Precision Adder does, but instead would transmit both notes polyphonically.
you can definitely do this in max/4live. midi data is treated as numbers that you can add or subtract or do whatever with. don't know if there's a device that already exists, but should't be too difficult to make if you've got m4l.
Moon Indigo
Slightly OT, but one thing You cannot do in live is send two different midi channels from the same midi track to other tracks. Live merges midi of this kind so you get a combined stream.
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