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Es-3 / es-6 new video ?
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Author Es-3 / es-6 new video ?
I'm trying to make the newly bought es3/es6 with ableton but it's painful.
many people complained about the lack of good video explaining how to.
Mylarmelodies have one but he doesnt go in too much detail about how to setup the channel to send cv / gate / env. Or maybe i'm too.. i don't know get it.

But you should definitly update them
it's been 6 years come on

I've been doing music and doing computer stuff for a while and weirdly i'm stuck here. Also the interface of silentway is not that great. Maybe you can crowdfound a redesign ? w00t

Just some idea. I love the modules even if i can't seem to be able to send enveloppes out of the es3 which i buyed it for mostly sad banana
There may be a bug with ableton live 10 tho..
This frightens me. Did you end up figuring out?
If you’re having issues start with the most basic building block and build from there. Start with the dc plugin and wiggle that. Your level meter should light up green and rise up. Then send it to the output that your es-3 is on. Make sure your speakers are real low to start. When your on the right channel the es-3 channel will light up. Once you get that going, turn off the dc plugin and drop in a voice. Create a1 bar clip, add some midi notes, and your es-3 should be lighting up. That should be cv on one and gate on the other. From there you should be cooking.
Im using Ableton 10/Es 3 but not silent way at the moment.

Im using an RME Fireface 400 with 8 Audio Outs and 2 spdif the Adat ports are outs 11-18 (1 to 8 on my es3)

So in order to send out an envelope (I use some max for live plugins) I set the out to anything 11-18 can tell my Es3 is getting signal because the new version has the led lights on each output which is super useful.

I hope in the next month to put together a little video on setting these modules up (I have an es6 in the mail) there is a learning curve

What audio interface/soundcard are you using?
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