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Richter - Infra + Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith @ Barbican, London
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Author Richter - Infra + Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith @ Barbican, London
Just seen this: -richter-performs-infra

Infra's my favourite Richter, but KAS too? Can't wait.

"Infra takes its title from the Latin for the word ‘below’, and that’s what Richter explores in this meditation on the events surrounding the London 7/7 bombings – the world just beneath the surface. The strings of the 12 Ensemble excavate melodies that have been buried underneath shelves of ambience, while snatches of Morse code and radio signals cut through beautiful electro-acoustic textures. Originally composed for a dance work choreographed by Wayne McGregor, it’s an examination of the submerged sounds of the everyday, of the unnoticed, the overlooked and the forgotten.

Preceding this performance, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith draws from her 2017 release The Kid for an A/V set, using FX-laden vocals and an old Buchla 100 modular synthesizer to create an earthy, organic style of Electronic music. Opening the evening is Footwork producer Jlin, who, following in Richter’s footsteps, has written a new piece for dancers – which will receive its UK premiere tonight."
Oh that will be pretty awesome. I got to see Max Richter at Big Ears in Knoxville (two performances!) back in 2015. Definitely one of my most favorite events ever.
Last year, I saw Richter do Sleep, preceded by a few tracks from The Blue Notebooks. The Blue Notebooks part was awesome, Sleep not so much.

The problem was that I was struggling to stay awake to a degree that was painful. And I was in the middle of the front row, with him facing me a couple of metres away. If, during his brief talk before about how the piece was conceived with a neuroscientist etc, he had said that we should feel free nod off I would have been able to relax and enjoy it! But he didn’t.

And watching the poor string section at close quarters playing note after perfectly identical note again for 90 minutes? Not doing that again.
Tried to go see Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith last year. More than half of the crowd were looking at their stupid phones and a little less than the other half were talking. We were about three listening very frustrating
Just saw this..sold out..damm
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