Played the Moog Paul Vo Geetar

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Played the Moog Paul Vo Geetar

Post by Kent » Mon Oct 20, 2008 3:52 am

Prototype number "5 of 8" was at a music fair that I attended in Krakow.

Number "5 of 8" sure was purty; almost as good looking as that "7 of 9" cyborg mutant-freak hottie that all the kids wank to on Star Trek. She was blonde ; the guitar was a red-head.

My knuckle-dragger observations:

• The system requires a dedicated volume-type Moog pedal with Multi-pin connector. The pedal provides power to the onboard system which includes a Moog Ladder Filter. The filter can be swept by the pedal.


• The guitar is well-built although I can't really vouch for the finish detail since it was a prototype and had obviously made the rounds.

• The control panel (the one with all of the knurled knobs) is quite cramped. The blade selector switch that determines which mode that the sustain (or not) is in is really close to another potentiometer. I understand that there is only so much space on the guitar, but I'd redesign this area. More bluntly, it was confusing as hell.

• With all of that stuff going on in there, the guitar is quite heavy.

• I had a booth across from their stand. I played the guitar several times throughout the show. I also would walk over and watch other people play it. It is not something that you can just jump on and get tons of smooth musical passages out of immediately. You definitely have to learn a different playing technique in order to not just have runaway notes. It even takes some time to adjust in order to get notes to sound correctly when using legato techniques. The 'damped' mode is a piece of piss (that's to say 'easy') however.

In summary, it is cool; but not $6k cool. I'd like one, but will probably never own one due to the purchase price. Even at 1/2 the price, I'd balk.

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