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Modualr Synth Resources
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Author Modualr Synth Resources
I guys, I'm pretty new to modular systems and I'm researching some resource to study, in particular I'm try to find some resource where list and describe all the tecniques to develop patches and sequences like krell patch, ratcheting sequences, follow envelope and so on.
Can you help me?
best regards from Sardinia
Welcome to Muff's mebitek! w00t

Muff's should have all the information you seek, just learn to use the main search engine and you'll find what you want in seconds. thumbs up

1) click search at the top of the screen
2) enter keywords to search on
3) click the Search button

If you get too many results just page back in your browser and delete/add key words and select/change the various Search Options. If you are interested in a specific format like eurorack, 5U, or Buchla, MIDI keyboards etc just select the related forum in the options.

For instance a simple search on "krell patch" returns 279 topics that have those words in them. Here's a few of the top hits:
Krell patch in euro
Ways of approaching the Krell patch ?
Understanding the Krell Patch

Best of luck with your research!
thx for your reply!
I was searching not just the krell patch but also all tecniques that I do not know the name, is there some list of that ?
MUFF WIGGLER Forum Index -> Production Techniques  
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