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Bitwig 2.3 !
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Author Bitwig 2.3 !

Do not have time to apply for beta testing but seems to be a nice update.

Now, is it going to be released before my sub expires... seriously, i just don't get it

[EDIT : Yes it has been confirmed that this update will be free for everyone ! ]
This update solves for me the only real thing that I missed after my shift from Ableton to Bitwig : better pitchshifting algorithms.
I'm extremely happy I moved over to Bitwig 5 months ago.
Now that I see what Ableton 10 is going to offer, I'm even more happy.
About every novelty in Ableton 10 is already old news in Bitwig 2.2.
But still no Audiounit support. :(
digidandy wrote:
But still no Audiounit support. :(

When I switched to Bitwig, I thought I would miss the AU support.
It turned out I did not.
Every "serious" plugin has a VST version and the VST format seems more flexible than the AU format.

What I still miss though, is the "freeze" functionality, preferably the way it is done in Reaper.
The "Bounce" function that is now in Bitwig is a not that powerful.
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