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Acid Pro 8
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Author Acid Pro 8
The company Magix (Magix Music Maker) bought the rights for Acid Pro from Sony a year or two ago.

They just announced that they will be releasing Acid Pro 8 in "Spring 2018". They are promising 64bit compatibility and VST integration.

This is great news! As long as it runs on Windows 7 and the midi works well, this will be my DAW of choice.

I just hope Magix doesn't mess up the established user interface too much or delete any features. A modern look is fine, but I want to have most options in the same place.

Acid was always a powerful tool to quickly audition, layer and cut up samples. I used to find my own breaks and loop them up, or make my own loops out of one-hit samples, then start layering more from there. I would build whole songs like that. I never really used any of those loop libraries the way it was intended.
well they are not the first company i would trust to make a better interface but who knows..In any case at least some screenshots and a small description of what to expect should be available..

Strangely enough they had a deal a couple of weaks ago where for less the asking price of acid (~125 eu) they bundled sound forge pro 11, samplitude pro x 3 suite and spectral layers pro!!!

It is difficult to see though what they have in in their mind..
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