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General CV display misaligned
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Author General CV display misaligned
Just got a brand new General CV and the module works great but the display is wonky and the glass is loose.

Looking at it. Think it would be really easy to fix with a little electricians tape in the right places but to do it effectively needs to remove the panel. Anyone know how to remove the endless encoder knobs? Do they just pull off?

Or should I just return it? Thoughts?
I'd return it. It should be easy to get the panel off- the knobs will just pull off, but if you break anything while poking around, you've invalidated any ind of warranty that might have covered repair of the original problem.

@Armstrb We resolved this over email, did we not, or was that not you?
the General CV is absolutely superb !

I noticed on mine that the plastic screen shield/protector slid out of alignment and I couldn't place it back for there didn't seem to be anything holding it in place except for maybe tention. So I just took it out . Would anyone have any advise on this issue ? Should I send it back or is there a simple way of fixing it ?
It's (supposed to be) just glued in, so you could just glue it back in yourself. Don't use superglue (cyanoacrylate) as the vapour from that supposedly damages the OLED.

Or leave it out. It is just there for protection.
thanks os ZZZ !
I'll attempt to glue it back or have Control take a try at it.
also I'm new at this. I'll make note not to double post. that was my first post on this site, well first two of the same to be exact . still a greenhorn
Darth Vader
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