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Orig Model 15?
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Author Orig Model 15?
Is this an original Model 15? I ask because the case looks a little old. If so it looks pretty good otherwise.

What are the originals going for? sizer.gc
The picture they posted definitely looks like an old original but I doubt that's what they are selling at that price! eek!


1) They just grabbed any old Moog 15 picture off the internet to use for the add


2) the store employees are clueless as to the value of a vintage Moog 15?

I think #1 is more likely, especially since the description says it's like new etc, but if you are in the same town as that Guitar Center store I'd go check on it right away to see if it's an original or reissue.

Besides the yellowing/tarnish/whatever of the hardware and the dirt specks on the top of the case * note the alignment logos and at the bottom of the 921A and 921B VCOs. All in a straight row.

* On the reissue though the 921A logo is higher up on the panel and says "Music Inc" underneath.

*EDIT: hhmm, I may be wrong on my assumption about the 921A/B logos! That picture I grabbed was from Sweetwaters site but looking at Moog's site the 921A/B logos are like the ones in the Guitar Center picture. So, I don't know what that means, if Moog made a change in the later runs of the reissue or if it is a special Sweetwater thing so they can tell which ones were sold through them or . . . hmmm..... seriously, i just don't get it

Anyways, if you look at the back of the case you'll be able to tell right away if it's old or new by the tags and labels.
based on the backdrop used in the pics of their other used synths, I'd say this is a pic of the Model 15 for sale!!!

It does like older, but the white rocker switch looks very white still, and they usually yellowed over time.
should only yellow from smoke or sunlight no..?
CZ Rider
Difficult to see clearly, but the reissues use different type truss head screws to mount the modules. The originals used screws with a flat in the center, while the reissue has more of a dome top.
Can see those in this photo.

Also notice the lettering is a little different at the top on the 911 to the right, made in 1970. So even the vintage ones had differences depending on the year they were produced.
My one CP panel has a typo with "envlope " that I have only seen on this one made in the summer of '69?
It's impossible to tell but as JLR suggested, look at the back (umm, no pic of the back) and you can tell by the lack of CJ 6 pins accessory jacks.

Don't bother looking at pics of vintage 15s to try and find the smoking gun (or font), you'll find as many variations out there as pictures. Some have the original R.A. Moog 911s (same vintage as CZs pic), some have the new "Moog" with no module number at the bottom. I think it's a matter of what the prior Moog Music company had on the shelf and what films they had access to. Note that even on the reissue, there are 3 different fonts used for module number, not to mention elsewhere. It's practically a ransom note from any 70's TV detective drama. (cue Telly Savalas Kojak theme song for that funky bass and Peter Falk's Columbo theme songs for use of Theremin)

I can tell you that this pic looks identical to my reissue 15. I'll also also tell you that whoever owned it probably had it in their garage/wood shop with the cover on, hence the dirt on top.

Considering that a) the silver caps on all of the knobs look about the same [not aged from varied use] and that b) the modules are misaligned [mine came from the factory this way as well!! : ) ], it's probably modern Modern Moog handiwork.
If that really is the original Model 15 for sale, what's really sad is the person who sold it likely got somewhere south of $1500-2000 from GC in cash or trade.

Man the stuff that shows up at Guitar Center.

I once saw what looked very much like an EMU modular component (the kind you'd see here: listed in one of their used cases as a "500 series EQ".
So I finally swung by to take a look at it. It wasn't out on the floor and they made a big fuss about only wanting to bring it out for serious collectors. I showed them a pic of my studio and they hastened their step, not that my set up is all that impressive. I guess the average person doesn't know how common medium-freaky big synths are... Anyway, it's a reissue with dust all over it and dings in the tolex. I was wondering if the seller beat it up in effort to pass it off as an original.. Who the heck would pay $10,000 for a synth just to beat the crap out of it. I spent a half hour messing with it. It sounded incredible! I've never played with any original Moog modular stuff so I don't have anything to compare it to. The filter and VCAs were very different than what I'm getting running through an STG mixer and Q150! The Moog seemed much rawer and even a little more unpredictable (that could just be my lack of familiarity). Anyway, it made me really want an MOS-Labb or Synth Werk syatem. Or even better, I wish Aion Modular made CP modules. Then we could have a system 15 the size of a kid's lunchbox! lol

They also had an Oberhaim Two Voice in decent condition. it had a few minor issues, but overall sounded pretty great. And there was a Micromoog as well, but I didn't try it.

That particular GC has had a bunch of vintage modular stuff over the past 6 months, including 2 full Roland 100M systems.
ba1 wrote:
So I finally swung by to take a look at it. . . . it's a reissue with dust all over it and dings in the tolex.

Thanks for the update! thumbs up

ba1 wrote:
I wish Aion Modular made CP modules. Then we could have a system 15 the size of a kid's lunchbox! lol
I read somewhere that they may be doing a pint sized System 15 hyper but, I hope they don't because I suffer from way to much G.A.S. as it is! Dead Banana
Heard The Ramoogs traded it in after they finished 5U Death Punch.
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