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FH-1: legato
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Author FH-1: legato
Vlad Green
I'm trying to make my ADSR trigger each note in legato passage but can't find a way to turn legato off in settings or via script. Could anyone help me please and thank you in advance!

You have to set the appropriate CC number to zero to turn off this fingered glide. This is the only way to disable it as far as I know!

"Monophonic MIDI/CV converters have a portamento setting (by default MIDI channel 14 CCs 64-79). This sets a glide time between notes played legato ("fingered portamento")."

So, for example, to turn off the glide time on FH-1 MIDI Converter 1 (MCV1), you'd send MIDI Message:

CC#64 with value 0 on MIDI Channel 14. If you were to send CC#64 with value of, maybe 123, then the glide time would be very high.

For the same but on FH-1 MIDI Converter 2 (MCV2), you'd send MIDI Message:

CC#65 with value 0 on MIDI Channel 14.

I have a little guide for the FH-1 (scripting) here you may want to check out:

Expert Sleepers FH-1 Guide

There's also a spreadsheet link in there for the MIDI Mappings that you can view or copy which is how I came up with the MIDI message above.

Also check out Legato Velocity setting - this may also be relevant for you.

Hope that helps!
Vlad Green
PM33AUD Thank you for such detail description, I really appreciate it!
I've tried it - yes it works but for the glide only. FH-1 still doesn't send a gate for each new note.
With glide=0 I've got very detailed articulation but the whole passage still decays according to Decay time setting of my ADSR.
I need to trigger each new note - a pretty basic option in most of synths.
The legato velocity also doesn't affect triggering - it sets all notes velocities in passage equal to velocity of the first note.
Thank you anyway since I've learned about glide - it can be very useful.
Vlad Green
os please, is it possible to turn legato off? (= to send new Gate for each new note of legato passage)
It sounds like you would want to enable a Trigger output on the MIDI/CV converter.
Vlad Green
Thanks for quick reply!
Yes but it's not solve the problem completely.
When we remove gate and set the trigger instead we loose control of the note length. So when we play legato all notes have the same length fixed by ADSR settings.
Usually if we use Midi to CV of a synth it's possible to just turn legato off. For instance it's especially useful on bass lines - you play legato but every note has an attack.
I'm pretty sure FH-1 can do everything with Midi to cv (now I've got 2-nd one); may be it just missed?
The correct solution is to use both the gate and trigger, so the gate opens the note, and the trigger restarts the envelope.
Vlad Green
Yes but it's still only one gate for all notes in passage. Is it any way to get individual gate for each note on midi message?
You don't need an individual gate for each note if you use the trigger as well.
Vlad Green
Could you please tell me which way I should patch? Sorry it's still not quite clear for me.
For example

Gate goes to Gate and trigger goes to Retrig.
Vlad Green
Oh, now I see. Unfortunately my ADSRs (AJH and Befaco) both don't have additional inputs for retriggering. It seems like I just can't turn legato off with my current setup.
But what do you think is it worth to make that legato setting for FH-1 in the future to make it simpler for users like me?
I don't like the trigger-less legato solution because it means the notes are out of time. The only way to accomplish it is to turn the gate off briefly at the start of each note. That means when the gate is turned back on, and the new note starts, it's necessarily late.
Vlad Green
Thank you for detailed explanation!
At least now I know about limitations.
Obviously I'll have to get back to my moog to play non-legato bass lines.
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