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frippertronics reel to reel drone / ambient
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Author frippertronics reel to reel drone / ambient
link to song:
every loop has it's own integrity

Here's a live jam using two reel to reels in a frippertronics style setup.
more techinical info in the link if you don't know about this setup.

it's quiet, signals into the reels were recording really hot, turned down instrument levels to compensate. Hopefully my roommate and I will get some reamp boxes to bring the instrument signals to appropriate levels and achieve better recordings, also each loop repeats in different channels, and they swap back and forth, I really enjoyed recording this way. It was all recorded to a Zoom H4n portable mic/recorder. Hopefully we will be getting a nice interface with better converters soon. We're still figuring out the machines and how they react to our gear as well.

No eq'ing or volume automation done, just some compression to make it a little louder, so I apologize for out of control frequencies and volume peaks, and loops of scratchy potentiometers! Regardless, I hope someone enjoys the jam!

On this only a guitar and a small amount of volca keys were used for all the sounds, plus a dl4 and hall of fame reverb before it hit the tape. Recorded live.

Hopefully I did Fripp and Eno some justice hihi

Definitely for fans of Stars of the Lid, Eno, Kyle Bobby Dunn, Stephan Mathieu, r benny, Taylor Deupree, (and 12k artists in general).

picture of setup:
reel to reel setup

best listened to on headphones
Sounds fantastic.
thank you!
Very nice work. Looking forward to more. Are you using volume pedal or ebow (or something else) to get those slow attack guitar sounds? The setup also looks so cool!
Funny, it repeats again and again and somehow never gets boring...
I enjoyed it very much, keep experimenting with that setup!
Reality Checkpoint
Oh my!

Utterly beautiful.

I will buy your album of this project just as soon as you release it, which I trust will be soon.
no linky?
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