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how to spot a suspect/faulty Op Amp
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Author how to spot a suspect/faulty Op Amp
Using a multimeter, I'm working hard to debug a circuit. I have traced the schematic (so far) to a particular TL074 op amp which is currently receiving +/- 12V, but is not outputting the expected voltages at all of its outputs. I am getting output readings around 0.05V where I should be reading +/- 10V.

ps. this is a dual module, with two identical circuits. One circuit is working, the other is not. This is how I am able to compare.
The easiest way is to just swap it out. The feedback nature of most op-amp circuits makes them kind of hard to test in circuit.
one quick thing to check is if the 2 input pins are at the same voltage. unless its being used as a comparator, or other application without negative feedback, those two pins should be the same. although this doenst necessarily mean that the opamp is bad, one of the componenets around the opamp could also be bad.
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