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Understanding the Moog Ladder Filter Schematic
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Author Understanding the Moog Ladder Filter Schematic
Hi, I was looking at a schematic for the moog ladder filter and had a few questions about how to read it. I figured some of you may have looked at this in the past and could offer advice. Here is the schematic I am looking at: nd%20VCFs/Minimoog%20ladder%20VCF%202.gif

What do the numbers in circles refer to?

I assume emphasis is resonance. Can those two points simply be connected together?

What does amt of contour refer to? Is this a DC voltage? What is the rage of voltage input on the control node?

Are 8 and 3 simply a connection to -10 v on that transistor pin?

If anyone can answer this, or perhaps point me to a clearer schematic I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
those are pins on connectors that go to other boards. you can find what they all connect to here: nimoog.html#3
Okay, took me a minute to figure out but it seems Interconnecting Wiring Diagram has everything I need to know.

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