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Frequency boosting on mix-down stage - help!
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Author Frequency boosting on mix-down stage - help!
Hi peeps!

Would somebody please explain me how to find the right frequencies to boost when mixing down tracks? I'm specifically talking about instruments that play several notes as each note has its own fundamental frequency. (Am I right?)

I've been taught that boosting the fundamental frequency (and cutting off the same frequency from clashing instruments) helps to improve the balance of the mix.

This is a technique that works well and I can get good results overall - specially when mixing drums. However, I get confused when dealing with (for eg.) basslines that play several notes; I don't know which frequencies should be boosted.

Should I boost all fundamental frequencies? Or is it better just to forget about them and run through the spectrum trying to find that "bite" I want to reinforce on the mix?

Can somebody more experienced please give me some advice?

Thsnks smile
No rules really, trust what you think is good, listen to tracks you like and that are well mixed, and learn to know your monitors or headphones.

I'd go with an EQ on the bass (in your case) while everything is playing together, and just blindly search for a problematic frequency, there are different ways to do it, boosting, finding and then cutting the problematic frequency, or you can cut right away, and moove the frequency until the music seems to have a more "balanced spectrum" (that is subjective tho)

I also think that production and sound design can really make the mix easier if you make sounds that goes well together from the start !
Thanks, @Plattform/ What you say totally makes sense.

For a few days now I've been researching the topic and it seems that specially with the bassline "boosting" frequencies is not a common practice.

After watching some tutorials what I understand is that a better approach in this scenario is to focus/tide up the instruments that share frequency content with the bassline, cutting whatever is unnecessary, in order to clear up some space for the bass.

Anyways... I forgot to mention on my first post that my work is focused on Minimal/Deep House. I wonder if perhaps somebody knows of some particular technique for the genre that they would like to share?

I know the topic is pretty much a noob thing but unfortunately I do not know many other producers in my area/city so I have to bother you guys from muff wiggler for some advice seriously, i just don't get it we're not worthy
Yes, in my tracks (even if it is not minimal or deep house) I NEVER boost anything in the bass synth(s), but cut everything else's bass frequency exept the kick drum.

Compression and limiting can be a good way to have a strong solid bass, but that doesn't need to be that loud in volume to be heard.
To get a strong sound I usually use a combinaison of 2 to 3 compressors, that compress not a lot, with different settings, so there is a lot of compression at the end, but not one compressor smashing 10 db of gain reduction, wich doesn't sounds musical most of the time. Plus a bit of limitting at the end.

And the basic elements of mixing can really help: changing one sound's volume just a few db can change a lot, let your bass mono-center and pan other elements aswell !
boost only on dedicated hardware with specific desired character.
with the computer you should only cut and level with the fader.
if you got automation on the fader transfer it to a gain/utility.

there are lots of nice youtube turorial on 'how to mix like a pro'. Guinness ftw!
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