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Beatstep pro clock issue (Need help)
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Author Beatstep pro clock issue (Need help)
Hi there,

I'm all pretty new to this... Uh I just bought this rack :

And I have a BeatStep Pro (BSP) which I have been using for about two years in live shows. Now I am interested in combining my current live setup with modular! yay !

As you can see from the rack view, I have an Intellijel Audio Interface I/O (II). However.. I'm running into some issues.

So basically everything runs fine and in sync, but it starts up with a delay. Now I've come to understand that most modules need to "hear" a few triggers before they can sync to whatever trigger signal is coming in.

BUT, my Minilogue or my SE-02 don't need this time.. So what happens now is that I route my MIDI output from the BSP into my synthesizers. Their output goes into the Intellijel Audio Interface, it all goes through the modular and comes out through the audio interface aswell.

Everything comes out synced, but with a delay. With this I mean that if I turn the filter on my minilogue or SE-02, there is a delay before it's audible. I have the feeling that the intellijel delays the signal, but I don't understand in what way...

The thing is, I also use a trigger output from the CV outputs on the BSP to trigger a kickdrum from the modular and a sequence on my dixie.

SO HOW CAN IT BE SYNCED BUT STILL DELAYED? I'm confused please help me understand this..
hm, it´s really difficult to understand what you are doing or what you are TRYING to do from your description alone.

why are there minologue/Se-02 in this equation?

please, do this - SIMPLIFY your signal path as far as possible.

for example, use one of the trigger outs on the BSP, connect just one trigger to your Mutant Bassdrum, and connect the output from that to your intellijel Audio Interface.

set levels etc. , and then do just this:

hit the trigger connected to your drum module
-> is the kickdrum audible right away?

there you go, it´s not one of those 3 devices. wink

I see you have MI Clouds in your rack... are you by any chance running your synths through that?
Because that WOULD create a "delay", especially if you have the mix set to 100%/all "wet".
on a side note:

when syncing my Beatstep Pro via USB cable as a slave to my DAW ( as the master clock source, I do need to apply a negative offset to my BSP so it will line up with the audio going into my computer.

about -20 to -30milliseconds, I believe.
the offset is applied in the DAWs settings though, not the BSPs.

this is caused by the USB-MIDI though, and I also compensate for the audio latency introduced by my interface with this.
The BSP has some latency on it's CV/gate and clock/MIDI clock outputs. I encountered this when using the above when synced with other gear.

Typical MIDI notes to CV/Gate or other synths don't have this latency, so even an audio offset won't completely fix this. You need to offset the clock itself.
yeah that´s what I´m describing in my second post.

none of this would make any sense to why OP is hearing a "delay" when turning a filter on one of his non-modular synths...

still suspecting he´s running that through the Intellijel Audio into Clouds and forgot to turn the mix down on Clouds to less than 100% wet... wink
That might explain it, or through some other digital module with bad latency.
looking at his rack, that would only leave Clouds.
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