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New FSFX 114: Digital Delay Line
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Author New FSFX 114: Digital Delay Line
A conversion of Eventide EuroDDL. Exciting!


- Minimal digital circuitry. It’s constrained to do nothing more than simple, yet flexible, delay.
- The delay converter is 24 bits with max delay up to 10 seconds at 192 kHz sample rate and 160 seconds at 16 kHz rate.
- Delay time can be varied smoothly and over a wide range; either manually, via tap tempo or by remote control voltage.
- Short delays can be used for comb filter and flanging effects. Longer delays for echo effects.
- Infinite delays for looping. Backwards delays for reverse effects.
OH NICE!!! That redesign looks plenty lovely.

Love my FSFX modules. This looks very tempting.
I have already ordered mine smile

I only wish Jason manufactured a new control PCB to improve the layout.
You know, bigger knobs, toggle switches, all jacks at the bottom.
Obviously it would increase the cost of the conversion. Maybe MKII if it sells well?

I really like the minimal-DSP approach with all the CV controls and an external feedback loop.
can it handle DC input/output? (delaying CV)

the answer is always no but I remain hopeful
that's a great question.
I doubt that it does though. Eventide EuroDDL is based on Eventide DDL-500, which was an audio format module. An AC coupling filter is likely still there in the Euro version.
This looks just the job! I've been wanting some decent voltage controlled delay for the system.
The four white to light grey (alien?) guys not showing much diversity, though.

Kidding... great stuff, for sure (not for me at the price, but excellent nonetheless).

Noticed on the media social that FSFX is expanding into cases, power and power modules (some info on the website, too).
I got a response from Eventide and as expected EuroDDL can only processes audio signals, not DC.
Did I just hear the sound of the price going up for this, though a generic incarnation, effect from a Grammy award winning company?

Go Tony!

Go Richard!
coyoteous wrote:
Did I just hear the sound of the price going up for this, though a generic incarnation, effect from a Grammy award winning company

You lost me here. What do you mean by "the price going up"?

FSFX114 is a "repackaged" Eventide EuroDDL.
it's the same Euro module behind a MU panel and with 1/4" jacks.
Kidding... the Eventide Grammy had just been announced on the 'big show' (technical award given out earlier).

They had giant pictures of Richard Factor and Tony Agnello.

('generic incarnation' insomuch as it's a third-party 'repackage,' as you say, with no Eventide badge... so, yeah, I get what it is... sorry about the confusion)

Here's a youthful Richard at Emo's rig to bring it back to 5U: n-jedi
Guinness ftw!
FSFX114 is sold out. This was fast. Glad to see excitement about a new 5U module.
wow awesome
Hope I'll get mine soon smile
I wonder how different will it sound from Blacet Time Machine, which is beautifully dark and old-school. Eventide has a whole different set of CV controls as well.
Hi guys,
I’m one of the happy future owners.
Eventide is one of the best audio gear manufacturer, this module will be a killer.
w00t MiniMoog
the tech specs shows:

Sample Rate: 192kHz to 12kHz
Resolution: 24 bits
Min. Delay: 0.11 milliseconds
Max. Delay: 10 seconds @ 192kHz / 160 seconds @ 12kHz

I wonder how the variable sample rate is handled. Is it user set or just goes down gradually once you cross 10s?
Does anybody know how they did it in DDL-500?
Sugarfree... from the 500 PDF:

'Delay Multiply
Active when lit
Hold + turn knob to set mult: 2x (96kHz) - 16x (12kHz)'

Guessing the euro is similar, if not the same, and that the '-' (dash/hyphen) means 'to,' including intermediate 4x/48kHz and 8x/24kHz... much like the sample rate divisors on other delays, especially vintage: Lexicon primetime, Publison DHM89B2, AMS, TC, etc. (can't see it only having 192, 96 and 12).

Probably talked about elsewhere, if you dare... or contact Dan Gillespie at Eventide?
thanks coyoteous, this makes sense now.
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