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Max for Live inlets question
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Author Max for Live inlets question
Hi All,

I am liking max for live in that the things are more natural than reaktor core. That is my humble opinion anyway, my question is not this.

When there is more than one cable going into one inlet, My brain gets short circuited. I dont understand how that can happen, and what happens when you put 2 cables in one inlet.

I have taken max for live course on and he has done a great job, but this one thing I could not understand. Please explain.

In this case, what you'd get is (depending on what you push first)

If you move is the number box FIRST, you'll get the same number out, because nothing is set on the other side of +

If you press the message box with 23 in it FIRST, you'll get 46 the first time (and any subsequent time) because of right to left order in Max, first the 23 goes in right inlet, then left

If you THEN change the value in the number box you'll get that value + 23 as you'd have set the right hand part of the operation
1. If you click on a button, integer 122 will be passed to + object, which will have no additional arguments until you explicitly click on message '23'. So, the result will be just '122' (122 + 0).

2. If you click on the message '23', it first put it's value to the right + inlet, then to the left + inlet and trigger the calculation, so the result will be 46 (23 + 23).

3. If you click on a button after you have clicked on message 23, so the value 23 is already stored in the + object, the result will be 145 (122 + 23).

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