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Pedals for performances vs studio
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Author Pedals for performances vs studio
I've been wresting with external effects that I'm using in my home studio for recording and translating that into something I could take to to perform around town without having to bring everything and wondering what other wigglers have done here. I think ideally I'd rather have a base set up that works live and at home, with some additional things I could use for recording as needed with the intention that it would be very simple to just unhook and run to a show.

For my Euro stuff I'm trying to get everything onboard as modules to replace the pedals I've been using, for my Music Easel I've got a custom fuzz pedal and reverb that I always need to add.

I guess I wrestle between synth - > pedals -> Mixer or Synth -> Mixer ->Effects loop. I know a lot of this is preferences but seeing what worked for other people helps think through it sometimes.

Additionally does anyone have thoughts on chaining as much as possible? I think between my systems I could chain everything using external inputs, rather than run each to a mixer on it's own. I'm really attracted to the idea of having a pedal board and just running everything through it, but wondering how much I'd be giving up vs every item having it's own effects.. maybe not enough to notice?
i go synth > pedals > mixer, but only because i don't have sends/returns or inserts on my mixer. i usually like to think of effects as another part of the voice they are affecting.
If you pick up a mixer with digital I/O built in, you'll not only be able to use the analog aux send/returns for your effects, but use VST effects in apps like ableton in real time. Food for thought.
seanbonner wrote:
I'd rather have a base set up that works live and at home

I am doing this with the mixer's sends and inserts.
Everything racked in 19-inch cases.
Aux sends make everything a bit more powerful in my opinion, if you like an effect on multiple things. I have my delay and reverb on an aux, but I keep my chorus on one voice because I generally only put it on one thing at a time.
Dope Robot
maybe someone can help me here, how would you go about more complex fx routings? i play live and mix complete tracks outside the box so that everything important comes directly from the synths or samplers, then i string those completed tracks together and make transition tracks between them for long sets. i use a UFX to send everything into, and totalmix it has some built-in effects, but they are pretty crappy, esp. the reverbs. all i've really worked up to though is just having one main reverb for drums and then one for vocals with the totalmix software and they are applied essentially the same for every track, and i also have an external fx unit that i have used as well which has better reverbs than totalmix but i still have to route them the same, one reverb for drums applied at different levels and an fx for the vocal track. any other tracks that don't have built-in effects in their signal chain get nothing or one of the two effects already in use. i want something more complex though, where i can apply multiple different effects to as much tracks as i want per song and for each song to have different effects. it seems like using a DAW would be the only way to accomplish this, but i can't think how to set it up. clearly i could just load up the project which would then be set up to send out the live fx to the tracks i want, but then would i have to load up separate projects per song? closing and loading DAW projects every time a track begins seems like too much overhead in a live process that is already extremely complex, but if i could control it with program change that would work fine. how would some of you go about this?
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