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Pedals for performances vs studio
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Author Pedals for performances vs studio
I've been wresting with external effects that I'm using in my home studio for recording and translating that into something I could take to to perform around town without having to bring everything and wondering what other wigglers have done here. I think ideally I'd rather have a base set up that works live and at home, with some additional things I could use for recording as needed with the intention that it would be very simple to just unhook and run to a show.

For my Euro stuff I'm trying to get everything onboard as modules to replace the pedals I've been using, for my Music Easel I've got a custom fuzz pedal and reverb that I always need to add.

I guess I wrestle between synth - > pedals -> Mixer or Synth -> Mixer ->Effects loop. I know a lot of this is preferences but seeing what worked for other people helps think through it sometimes.

Additionally does anyone have thoughts on chaining as much as possible? I think between my systems I could chain everything using external inputs, rather than run each to a mixer on it's own. I'm really attracted to the idea of having a pedal board and just running everything through it, but wondering how much I'd be giving up vs every item having it's own effects.. maybe not enough to notice?
i go synth > pedals > mixer, but only because i don't have sends/returns or inserts on my mixer. i usually like to think of effects as another part of the voice they are affecting.
If you pick up a mixer with digital I/O built in, you'll not only be able to use the analog aux send/returns for your effects, but use VST effects in apps like ableton in real time. Food for thought.
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