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SH MK2 expander... More CV per track / more CV/gate /clock ?
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Author SH MK2 expander... More CV per track / more CV/gate /clock ?

I don't know of there are plans to expand the SH, but i see three interresting options whihc could take a few hp and be inexpensive (onlt some buttons and jack)...depends if the processor can manage all these information.

What do you prefer ?

1. Add two cv output track per track (quantize too , for chord duties, or not to use for modulate )?

2. Add 4 new CV/gate track and compete with Eloquencer ?

3. Add other clock input/reste and output / reset per track ?
2 more bipolar CV inputs.
Rather than building on what's already there...might be fun to have additional elements that expand on what the SH already does.

The Bleak is an amazing extension of it's capabilities. Learning from that, maybe something like track and hold circuits to derive further material from the existing lines. With a few additional gate/trigger inputs, you could create a sampling system for voltages.

Add to this, trigger delay and maybe some boolean processing for gates and your off to the races.
I undestand the Bleak argument but the idea (it's expansive anyway) but here is to think about new extension on the SH MK2 as it own an expansion connector.

I'm thinking ta take a second SH MK2 but it will be not reasonnable as it's my favorite sequencer...for melodies and for drums duties.
Doubling (or trebling) up of the CV out would be high on my list, the ER-101 is brilliant in this regard.

But yeah to other things too, I don't really mind to be honest, already very happy with what's there!
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