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Drone Bowl Meditation in Gb
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Author Drone Bowl Meditation in Gb
[s] -patch[/s] tch

Modular patch and some live bowls.

Drone is two Intellijel Dixie II+ both tuned to 46Hz (Gb) through a TipTop Audio Fold Processor modulated by a Synthesis Technology E340 Morphing Terrarium which itself is being modulated by a Mutable Instruments Tides bipolar output and the unipolar output through a Mutable Instruments Blinds. The drone then goes into a Mannequin's Sisters filter (using the LPF). Sisters is modulated by Abstract Data Octocontroller. Finally the drone is output from the modular and goes through an MXR Analog Stereo Chorus. Reverb is courtesy of an Eventide Space.

The second layer of sound is a Mutable Instruments Rings being modulated by some Octacontroller sine LFOs. Rings feeds into Mutable Instruments Clouds being modulated by the Octacontroller S&H setting. Reverb by Clouds and Space.

There is a 92Hz (Gb) tone layered underneath.

While recording I added a few singing bowl taps overtop of it all and a bit of light gong.
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