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Sulendro Javanese tuning on 5U & 3U modular
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Author Sulendro Javanese tuning on 5U & 3U modular

A pentatonic scale with special tuning via the Sulendro 13113 Javanese base.
Played in real time from a Novation ReMOTE37 keyboard through Cubase with LMSO and the MOTM 650 and Tubbutec ┬ÁTune. Each midi to cv control module plays the same scale but the MOTM 650 is passing three notes and the ┬ÁTune is passing one note on to the modular. This creates a variation on which of the vco's are selected on each keypress.

There are eleven vco's used in the piece. Six Q106's, one Braids from Mutable Instruments & FSFX, one Rings from MI, one Piston Honda from The Harvestman, one 1200 from Synthetic Sound Labs and one Ian Fritz Double Dekka Ultrasonic VCO from SSL. Filters used were the Q150, Q127 and Oakley SVF. Some random and step sequence modulations were from the Turing Machine and Pressure Points. LFO's used were Mega Ohm Audio and Yves Usson quadrature. An Ian Fritz 5-Pulser was used on the DDVCO.

The root or first note played in each phrase consists of up to four vco's and is broadly spread between the octaves. The third keypress selection is also tied to a pair of vco's and envelopes which are delayed via an STG Soundlabs and Yves Usson Gate Delay module. The delayed voice is sent through a Valhalla Shimmer (Z-DSP) and one of the first voice vco's is sent through a fluttering LFO driven VCA for the shimmering effect of the root note.

Admittedly there wasn't much compositional foresight involved here. Mostly just a bit of noodling and hours of work setting up two midi to cv systems to play an exotic alternate tuning scale.
Cool stuff! thumbs up
I loved it
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