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problem with Blacet QuadVCA
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Author problem with Blacet QuadVCA
I recently got a Quad VCA for my small but growing Frac rack.
I think there might be a problem though - whenever I put a jack into one of the CV inputs the corresponding channel becomes almost silent. CV seems to have no effect. IT seems to work fine as a mixer though.. Is there something I might have missed or should I contact Mr Blacet?

Stock units expect 10v to open fully.
What kind of CV are you sending it?
so far, LFO from an Analogue Systems LFO, and I think also Plan B model 10 envelope. I don't know if those send max of 10v CV.
I'm gonna have a play again tonight ... really wanna get some panning sounds going on !!
I think most of the Euro stuff maxes out at 5v.

You can mod the VCA Quad Mix to 5v specs if you want.
There are instructions in the manual if you bought it as a kit.

There is another option.
The 4th channel of the VCA Quad Mix has up to 10x gain.
You could use this to boost the CV that you are sending to on of the other VCAs.
yep, I have a similar setup. it's functioning right. as stated above, you will need to amplify the signal to use the VCA, mod the QVCA, or buy a blacet envelope...
ok, thanks for your help guys, glad its not bruk'd!

I'll try amplifying the cv, and have a look at the manual see if its easy to mod post-build (it was a pre-built module... DIY is still somewhere in the near future!!!)
i built my quadvca for 5v operation. it requires a few resistor changes and an x-acto knife to cut some tracks. interesting: if you make the change but feed the quad vca more than 5v the signal overdrives and gives some nice crunchiness.
M10 EG has the very unusual output of 8v.
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