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What does a chap have to do to get some feedback on here?
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Author What does a chap have to do to get some feedback on here?
I've made a "record". It's actually just a YouTube video, but you know... it's 2018. I thought it would be amusing to make a 'Focus' and 'Concentrate' background music video for studying, but which was insanely distracting. Whatever... it's all made with modular, recorded into a Tascam portastudio. Very little editing. I published it five minutes ago, so one of you can possibly be viewer number one w00t All comments welcome, even miserable ones.
Like. applause

Care to provide more detail on what you're using?
As it so happens, I am sitting here trying to focus and concentrate on my studies. Inevitably, however, I have drifted over to Muffs and voila...a piece to get me back on track! This is great, I really like it. I, too, would be interested to know more details about what you've got going on here.
Phew! I was starting to think I had done something wrong... Thanks for giving it a go, much appreciated.

It's probably easiest to show you my rig? To be honest, there's nothing particularly special going on. The bells at the beginning are the Morphagene, but otherwise that doesn't see a lot of action. The very crisp VCO clicks are the AQA, and noise duties / chords will be the Telharmonic. I record live out to a Tascam digital portastudio, then assemble it all on the computer using Studio One, but no effects or anything (not because I'm a puritan, but because it already sounds good to me.) I did add two things in Studio One - birdsong (recorded on my Dad's back step) and an industrial lathe on the last track. Otherwise, straight out the outs... The only edits are the named track divisions.

Edit - just remembered, there's also an external Lexicon unit doing a pitched delay in one track, and an Ondes Magnetique playing a sort of dirty vocal lead in another.

AS numbah wun fanboi for your other output I'm pleased I scrolled to page 3 of Your Tunes.
Page 3 ain't what it used to be that's for sure.

I was looking for something sleep inducing but strange dreams will do.

oh yeah - the end of chemistry +++ and then into biology +++ !!! we're not worthy we're not worthy we're not worthy
Easiest way to get some feedback is to patch an output back to its input.


Dead Banana
I will listen to this the next time i study, already loving it though and I am only 30 seconds in!
I don't tend to go to YouTube links, so posting to Soundcloud or something. There is 99% of the time no need for it to be a video.
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