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3am - Steep (playing a snare drum with a speaker)
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Author 3am - Steep (playing a snare drum with a speaker)
I'm not sure I'm done with this one. I had some other ideas but I though this jam came out pretty well, on it's own. Luckily I was recording!

And a soundcloud link as well.

Playing a snare drum with a speaker, by feeding signal back from two contact mics attached to the drum, via a Koma Field Kit. Different tensions around the rim and dampening drum heads with my hands results in tonal changes depending on where I put the speaker. I gave up on trying to play it in tune. lol
That is a lovely jam, and very clever use of the drum. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for listening!
Cool sound and composition. Kind of intense and laidback at the same time.
I tend to work at a few different tempo but this one is 89bpm through-out... it's not really down tempo but it's definitely not fast, so laidback/intense seems like a good description. hihi
Thanks for the listen.

I realize now that I buried the lead, in the thread title, so I'm gonna change it. lol
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