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silent way 96khz
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Author silent way 96khz
I have read everywhere looking for an answer to this and I keep reading that the ES-3 and silent way supports 96khz. I do know the voice controller cannot make use of SMUX. I get that but I cannot calibrate anything with it. I do not even get a response on the calibration line.

I can't tell if its because I am using a demo version or what not but also the voice controller is acting like garbage randomly triggering only 1 note when playing chords and not triggering note changes other times. It makes me sound like I am 5 years old touching a piano for the first time.

I am using live 9.7.5 - sending out of 2 ES-3's 4 1vOCT and 4 Gates. This should be easy. I even tried that sticky work around for the options.txt
I am using the audio vst not the vsti for the setup but I did try that too...I have watched all the videos as well...I have 1 master...going to the sends only and getting input from the modular output...have it set as master with 4 voices...then 8 more audio tracks...4 with voice controllers all set to voice with their respective numbers and the other 4 set to each voice controllers 2nd channel for gate.
Do you have a working setup at 48kHz?

The Voice Controller doesn't care what sample rate you're using. The ES-3 is limited to 48kHz, so if your audio interface is running at 96kHz you have to put the SMUX plug-in in.

It might be worth doing something simple like setting up the SMUX plug-in fed by SW LFOs until you have the routing straight in your mind.
I have been able to calibrate it at 48khz....

So if I am understanding you correctly...Since the voice controller does can not utilize the SMUX plugin, atleast according to what I have read, then I cannot use the voice controller @96khz? as long as I am using the ES-3?

I still get the issue with the random 1 notes while playing chords with the 48khz setting. I have also experienced the note issue as well but its not as often and mostly when playing quickly. And no I am not hitting too many keys lol
Since the voice controller does can not utilize the SMUX plugin, atleast according to what I have read

That's not true. You can pass the VC output to the SMUX plug-in.
I didn't notice any change when I inserted the SMUX plugin at the end of the chain. Is it with a certain version because I cannot run the vst3 version in ableton. Or do I need to route it to another track with the SMUX plugin? I'll play around with it and see if I can get it to work.

I could have been mixing up the es-6 support for SMUX too.

Okay so I did get the SMUX to work but so odd on how channels I have to set it up.

I needed 6 audio channels to do it.

1 audio channel (voice controller) -changed the pitch to go to channel 2 and gate to channel 3

-Input from the audio signal (euro out) AND output to the PitchCV audio channel track in

2 Audio channel (Smux plugin flip R On)
-Input VC channel 2 pitchcv and output to PitchCVSMUX audio channel track in

3 Audio channel (smux plugin flip R on)
-Input PitchCV audio channel post fx

4 Audio channel (Smux plugin flip L On)
-Input VC channel 3 gatecv and output to GATECVSMUX audio channel track in

5 Audio channel (smux plugin flip L on)
-Input GATECV audio channel post fx

6 Audio Channel (Euro out input) to master

Thats pretty insane just for 1 voice add 4 more and I have 21 channels WOW
Ya I still cannot get poly working even with the SMUX

I switched from the quadnic to 2 vcob's and 2 z3000 mk2's

Cannot get the 4th voice to trigger at all...3rd triggers but makes just a pop sound...seems as though the calibration isn't being sent to the VCO's...randomly the trigger just stuck on...that was cool...then when I powered off my rack and turned it back on it wouldn't trigger at all.

I cannot not tell which is being the PITA Ableton or Silent Way...

I cannot be the only one who's running 96khz in ableton...serious now I know why I was straying away from software and moving to sequencers. Just had to have the moment...hmm I really want to play a nice phat pad sound...FML
update...I was able to setup the poly in about 10-15 mins in 48khz

Went back to the 96khz with same inputs and will not calibrate at all...even with SMUX all over the place! lol

Thats a bit of a pain...I have to set everything up in 48khz...make sure everything is calibrated...then switch over...

Yes I know I can save the calibration files but they don't seem to work the same if I load them after touching the knobs.

This was supposed to be easier and time saving solution...I could build a polysynth before getting this to work flawless everytime hahah no offense...well maybe a tiny bit cuz I am annoyed and I want to share that lovely feeling with everyone heheh
I'm not sure you're using SMUX correctly. If you have, say, 2 LFOs on 2 stereo pairs at 48kHz, then at 96kHz you put SMUX on one of those tracks, and feed the other track into the 3/4 inputs of the plug-in. So no extra tracks at 96kHz.
Not sure I fully received what you explained but I can explain how I would use it if I was using LFOs...

Normally I would load the LFO plugin, turn up say the sine to get a signal but it would be running through 2 of the channels on the ES-3.

Assign it to say ADAT out 1

To have 2 LFOs running on each of those channels I would load another plugin and drop a SMUX on each channel flipping 1 to the L and 1 to the R.

also assigned to ADAT out 1

This would give me 2 LFOs using the same ADAT output.
No, don't do that. One SMUX plug-in per stereo pair out to the hardware (which will carry 4 ES-3 channels at 48kHz).
so what you are saying is that instead of setting ableton to mono adat which is actually 2 channels in ES-3 use a stereo setup in ableton and send both into 1 channel and use the smux...That seems like I would use up 4 of the ES-3 I re-use the stereo pair on another channel in ableton with SMUX?
Yes, make another stereo channel in Live with SMUX on it for ADAT 3/4 (which would be ES-3 5-8).
K I can kind of see how this would work but wouldn't I have to pan on the actual ableton channel left and right to be able to utilize all 4? How would the interface be able to differentiate where the signal is going? I'm still not understanding how this could work with the voice controller since there is only so many flips. How would someone setup a 2 voice polyphonic configuration?

Thanks for taking the time on this
Have you actually given the above a go? I think it would become clear if you just tried it. Two LFO plug-ins (each on its own track in Live) going to 4 ES-3 outputs via a single SMUX on a stereo track.
I was just trying to visualize because I know the VC doesn't really have double the setup like the LFO plugin.

I will give it a shot and see

thewizmusic of course I was able to get the LFO's to work those were easy...I was also able to workout...well I got lucky on how to get the 1 voice setup...but I have no idea how to get poly setup. I cannot get the ES-3 to work on 1 row of 4 outputs.

You said 1 smux per stereo pair so I put the smux on the master and routing to each VC using post fx...the gate channels and pitch channels sound together with clicks added. all playing on the same pair 2 vc voice 1 and 2 and 2 gates. Otherwise I will lose 2 outputs...
so I can get 2 voices but I miss out on 4 channels of the ES-3, completely unusable. Cannot get the signal to move over to the bottom signals

This is when no smux is on the master and one smux on each voice controller both going to different stereo pairs.

Is this I going to have to run to 4 channels but only use 2 with the voice controller?

Maybe it will help if I explain this...I do not think I need to run as stereo pairs because my Motu 8M already halfs my adats when running 96khz instead of 16 I only get 8...wouldn't this be running in pairs before Adat out?
Okay so another update...I was able to get the poly to work with only using 1 Es-3 module using only 1 output at a time on the MOTU 8M because they are pair automatically. So basically if it says Output 1 its actually Output 1/2.

My problem now is that the calibration...I cannot calibrate in 96khz...I have to do a whole new setup in 44khz but when I load them they are off pitch...but my question is the calibration is for the current pitch state? Or is it just a range? Do I still need to tune my oscillators? I know its a silly question but at this point my brain is garbage.

Thank you for all your help!
You can use all 8 outputs of the ES-3. For that you need two SMUX plug-ins, one outputting to ADAT 1/2, and the other to ADAT 3/4. One SMUX plug-in takes signals for the first 4 ES-3 outputs, and the other SMUX plug-in takes signals for the last 4 ES-3 outputs.

You should be able to calibrate at 96kHz, but if you can't, you can definitely just re-use the calibration from 48kHz, if everything else is set up the same.

How about as a next step you get 8 LFOs working. Again, two SMUX plug-ins.
Hey OS,

The reason it wasn't working before was when I mentioned to you that I was using 1 output and you said I should use 2 (1/2) sound interface was already grouping them together in pairs. Once I figured out how to setup 1 properly I was able to setup all 4. As for being able to play it is doing well.

My problem now is pitch, so I am curious...I am assuming if I change the pitch on my VCO I will have to re-calibrate correct? Any tips on calibrating on 96khz? the calibration graph will not respond at all.

The LFO setup is pretty easy. The VC on the other hand was a little difficult because it was not exactly the same as the LFO's I had to have different SMUX plugin settings (flips) For pitch vs gate per voice controller.

Thank you again!!!! Really!!
I am assuming if I change the pitch on my VCO I will have to re-calibrate correct?


Any tips on calibrating on 96khz?

It's exactly the same as at 48kHz. Nothing different to do at all.
I will have to play around with it to see if I can get it to calibrate on would be nice to know if anyone else is able to do this with 96khz on the newest version of ableton.


Thank you for helping guide me on how to not be an idiot! applause

I really appreciate the help! Silent way is definitely looking more promising without me complicating it! lol
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