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Eurorack Jam
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Author Eurorack Jam
Please check out my latest performance patch. Any feedback or vitriol is welcome. (well, OK, I could do without the vitriol, but it's the internet, so...)

No keyboard or midi used. There is a small mixer off camera that I am using to bring voices in and out.

My most elaborate patch to date, approximately 2 months into my Eurorack journey. I'm exploring the edge between purely generative and performative set-ups. At the moment, I do not own a proper sequencer (other than midi options which I am choosing to eschew for now), so all melody and rhythm is cobbled together from various clock divisions, LFOs, quantizers, and logic functions.
Some interesting sounds and very complex for something that was created without a traditional sequencer. I like how the patch does it's own thing but is also interactive.

Thanks for sharing.
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