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Modular Techno w/ Digitakt
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Author Modular Techno w/ Digitakt
I finished another track with the TG One using the longer samples card to make drones but wanted to really give a go at the looping feature. I ended du doing this in a couple of hours :


A looping drone from the Tip Top Audio TG One with a Cursus drone swelling in and out, Loquelic doing some noise going though a phaser a a couple delays.

Digitakt doing all things percussion.
Analog Heat warming stuff.

I really quite like the dubby vibe in this one.

So more of my stuff using the same setup here :
Sounds really good! I love the drone chug SlayerBadger!
Thank you very much ! I like the drones too smile

Here's another one in a similar vein to test out Manis Iteritas :

Love both of these, especially the first one. Reminds me of Marcel Dettman, very slick! How did you make the kick? Got a real nice refined punch to it.
Thank you very much !
I haven't messed with creating my own kicks much yet, this one is a sample processed a little in the Digitakt, definitely some low pass, but nothing crazy. It's a simple kick really, not too much low end since the drone is already quite heavy sub-wise. The Analog Heats helps a lot to have it stand out, with the pseudo compression.
tony d
Great stuff!!
Thank you ! That's really appreciated !
Thank you ! Very appreciated !

Here's a new one, a new take on a previous drone loop :


Manis Iteritas does the stabs coming halfway, Chimera does all sorts of noises/hats and then the Digitakt does the rest of the percussion duties while the Heat, as usual, HEATS.
really great stuff... esp the 1st and 3rd ones!
bradpickapiper wrote:
really great stuff... esp the 1st and 3rd ones!

Thanks a lot, glad you like those !
Very nice! I like!
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