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4U Clave over the Bubbly Trills
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Author 4U Clave over the Bubbly Trills
4U LW Format Serge modules with COA3. Just a little help from the 3U R*S Serge modules.

Clave - alternating 2 and 3 beat (from Pulse Divider thru Analog Switch Matrix - ASM) triggering noise from a CP251, with fading at the filter (tri wave thru the Var BW VCF) to give almost a Dub step feel.

Bubbly Trills: two COA3 Sequencer Programmer sides at different rates; both have forward and backward inputs from various clock divisions; pitches combined at the Dual Processor, then to the DSG as a VCO. The audio needed more articulation, so it went over to the 3U VCA (R*S Wave Multiplier top section) which was modulated by a slow wave from 3U R*S DUSG.

For Clave, the trick was a fast clock into the Pulse Div; /6 to the Pulse Sequencer (reset for two beats); pulse from step 1 into ASM1 Ctl; step 2 into ASM2 Ctl. And the /2 was into ASM1 in, /3 into ASM2 in. so 6/2 = 3 beats out of ASM1, and 6/3=2 beats out of ASM2. ASM Common out into the EG (CGS R7) Start in, and Out to Var BW VCF BW CV In.

Full notes in the video.

It's really nice you keep posting videos with your Serge setup thumbs up
Not being intimidated by all the dominance of Buchla and Easel posts in this part of the forum SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger!
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