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Otto's DIY
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Author Otto's DIY
Hello everyone,
let me grab the opportunity to post here on muffwiggler and share with you this project from Intech Studio.

Otto's DIY is targeting the eurorack module builders, whether expert or just eyeing the idea of building own modules. It's really handy to test out schematics while staying in the eurorack format. At Intech we used the boards a lot to experiment, long story cut short, we liked the concept, thought others might like it as well.

Open for discussion, your thoughts on launching something through crowdfunding pages and of course on this product, campaign in general.
the bad producer
Yeah I like this idea, I don't eurorack, I build in 4U and have used these from Ken:

Adding the power header and buses is a good idea IMO... I think you have to 'stripboard plus' or people would just use stripboard!
there are a number of similar project, like:


In principle I also like the idea .... but it all comes down to price. Stripboard is cheap. And if I have to pay $15 for one of these, I might as well make a proper pcb.
Nice one!
Seems like a good idea, personally Im confused why this needs $5k.
windspirit wrote:
Seems like a good idea, personally Im confused why this needs $5k.

Question is on point. The related third party components are the reason for that and to let us create an inventory for these panels, components. Also the prices of the perks after the campaign depends on the outcome of the campaign itself. We wish to continue developing this project. To get down to a reasonable price break for the PCBA for the PowerBrick and the TS sockets for example, which are the upgraded PJ301M-12's from QingPu, we need the support.

There are great eurorack module prototyping projects outside of this one of course! Otto's DIY is on the other hand approaches the eurorack module building from an other point of view. Based on our and others experiences we designed the boards to fulfill specific requirements. Some of these are the following: create front panels quick and easily, make skiff friendly builds, realize projects in a durable format, don't kill the rest of our modular while testing and so on. Tried hard to put together and highlight every idea behind Otto's DIY in the indiegogo pitch video.

Thank you for sharing your concerns and opinions, appreciate it!
Make your very own do-it-yourself eurorack synthesizer modules in a breeze.

lol! lol! lol!
Sure d'oh!
I don’t get it at all. The hard part (for me) isn’t the hardware - it’s the circuit design and layout.

I also wouldn’t plug a prototype module into my rack - I’d be far too scared - so the eurorack format and power headers are redundant for me...

Breadboard in a test environment and then strip/vero-board or PCB works well for me....

Am I missing something? Not sure what problem this solves.... sorry...
forestcaver wrote:
The hard part (for me) isn’t the hardware - it’s the circuit design and layout.

For me2, but I only make prototypes on perfboard Mr. Green
Alternatively, one could just learn kicad and use one of the many pcb prototyping houses. Cheap & easy. There are many, many circuits on the web to experiment with & once you get used to drawing (copying maybe) schematics and laying out boards in kicad, it goes pretty quickly.

My 2 cents.

Smt and proper circuit boards make strip board look like something out of the 19th century.
I would wish anyone the best of luck with any project...

but i find it hard to see the attraction.

Entirely off the top of my head, i would think that the following would be of more interest -

Say a section of bread board, with panel mounting hardware (ie so the breadboard mounts to a panel) with a pre-drilled panel (a selection of holes for jacks and pots) and, say, a power header on the breadboard would be more task-specific?

Again, i wish anyone well, and hope that you find a market, but im at a loss to see how this really sets itself apart from some generic protoboard, and a quick aliexpress order?

I would suggest that you need to differentiate further from what can be obtained off-the-shelf to pick up sales in numbers?

(but dont take my word for it - what i think, and what the market thinks are normally very different things!)
Smt and proper circuit boards make strip board look like something out of the 19th century.

Hee hee :-) I ought to bite the bullet and learn to order a factory pub (wrt custom boards I’ve only ever etched my own boards - never sent them off to be made!) I am trying to learn Eagle at the moment though ! (Inspired by the Mutable Instruments schematics)

Slowly being dragged kicking and screaming into the 20th century (maybe in a few more years/decades, I’ll make it to the 21st)

All the best to the guys selling this though - hope it works out.
I like to build modules using old (80-ties) material and if that is not possible there are smd to dip converters Mr. Green
I believe the point of eurorack synthesizers in the 21's century is to get you away from the computer screen, turn of your brain, turn on your imagination and have fun!

Otto's DIY helps you realize a project in a couple of hours instead of designing your PCB (couple of days) then sending in off to get it manufactured (10-20 days) assembling and testing it (couple of hours).

If you wish to design your own PCBs, maybe you even want to sell them later, you still have to build physical prototypes. (unless you want to spend another 2-3 weeks waiting for your "RevisionB" PCBs because you made mistakes in the schematic.)

Building the prototype on breadboard is not gonna survive 2-3 weeks while you are waiting for the PCBs, unlike a perfboard build.

If you build using Otto's DIY panels, your module will fit in your Eurorack system perfectly and while you are prototyping your rack is going to be safe thanks to the PowerBrick extension. (Short circuit protection, over-voltage protection, supply noise filtering etc.)
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