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The Next Blacet EG?
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Author The Next Blacet EG?

("The main reason for redesign is the huge, complex pcb and the wired jacks, which cost 5X the price of pcb mount. The new availability of the AS3310 will reduce the parts count significantly.")
Deeeep Effort.
configurable/adjustable slope shapes?
Feature wise the outgoing EG is pretty complete. If it's possible to cram it into a single width module that would be good. If not, maybe add something like trigger outs which go high at the end of the attack and/or decay stages to fill up some of the empty panel space.
love the module as it is, I'll have to think of some extras.
what happened to the old one?? obsolete parts??
did John say why he's dumped it??

seriously, i just don't get it
Flying wires never have annoyed me. However, new parameters such as hold and delay similar to the Korg MS 50 EG2 would be great.
Only thing I didn't like was to use it as an LFO you have to tie the gate input high.

I can only think of a couple of other things to add.
1) Delay.
2) End of envelope to chain to other envelopes.

Jay S
thee ghost ov n_phay
envelope slope(s) alterable with a switch or knob would be good, I like to feed the inv out into the decay time CV in because the curved slope sounds nicer but when I do that I need to patch in a mixer if I also want to control the decay time, which is OK, but obv would be loads easier if there was just a switch you could throw to get an exp decay.

A CV in for the envelope's output level would be good for adding dynamics via midi-cv velo out, sequencer row etc. Again, it can be achieved by other means IE patching the env out through a VCA but it would be much easier if that was "on board" so to speak.

As per upthread, and end gate out so you can chain envelopes together would be good, perhaps also an "unconditional contour" a la Moog Taurus 2 to go with it.

I would be quite happy to see the VC timescale section simplified, perhas a 3 way switch, super short/normal/loooong. I don't think I've ever used the timescale CV except when I built it to test it was working, obv that's just my use, other people might use that function a lot.

One thing that might be worth considering would be to design the board so it could be wired up as a full-function module, like the outgoing one, or as a low-fat one, you miss out the unnnecesary board components, winding up with a 1 1/2" wide module with just the basics (a, d, s, r, gate in, normal & inverted out, maye a lin/expo switch too, handy for those with high density systems perhaps.
Great suggestions about slope change, delay, chaining, etc.

Picking up on what werock said, I wonder if there could be a separate gate out for the duration of each section A-D-S-R. Each out could trigger another EG or DAD to sweep a filter, 2100 wave cv input, or a Miniwave, while the master EG analog output controls a VCA for the full duration of the note. Would add possibilities for a lot of animation to the sound of a single note.

If all 3 or 4 gates from ADSR went into something like the 2040, I think one could set the separate gate CVs to levels that specifically select the waves from a Miniwave table? Without, one is slaved to the continuous CV output of a single EG scanning though the whole or adjacent portions of the table.

Something like a digital 3 or 4 stage sequencer function output with control of note duration, synchronized to the master EG ADSR continuous analog output.
(Separated digital gates out of the 4052 up front of the analog capacitor section ?).
"Only thing I didn't like was to use it as an LFO you have to tie the gate input high."

To get a free running AD LFO, connect the Invert Out to the Gate. Switch to adsr/lfo and Sustain to zero.
fracmonkey wrote:
To get a free running AD LFO, connect the Invert Out to the Gate. Switch to adsr/lfo and Sustain to zero.

Spotted on ebay... hash=item2f152d3c1c:g:irsAAOSwnsRaeITC
I never was crazy about the time base pot. I would prefer a long/med/short switch. I would like to see ala PAiA 4740 ADSR a fixed out along with a variable + out to go along with the variable inverted out. Trigger outs at the end of A, D & R is cool.

But what I would really like to see is a FRAC quad envelope generator! nanners
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