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Industrial Music Electronics MK III
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Author Industrial Music Electronics MK III
We all know about Piston Honda MK III because details were released.

Yesterday on the facebook muffwiggler group, I saw this

I have heard from a reliable source that Kermit will be updated to a new version.

Just wanted to know from anyone else what they may know regarding MK III modules?
Double Post (deleted this one)
From the Piston Honda MK 3 ( stdays=0&postorder=asc&sid=df47e3da1d5266be0d7761cd563336cb)

governor blacksnake wrote:

- The main focus of the MkIII series is repeatable performance setup, where one may quickly move between different sets of stored sounds and settings. Each module with this feature has a standardized interface of a rotary encoder, display, button, CV input, and small potentiometer.

The preset manager operates in several modes: discrete (encoder clicks through each of the 8 active presets in a bank, CV input and potentiometer do the same), continuous (encoder selects the preset base number, the pot and cv input will smoothly morph the non-pitch controls across the entire preset bank and wrap around to the base) and All (all settings are morphed, discrete settings like morph discontinuity and unison enable will change as each preset boundary is passed).

It makes more sense when you have a few of these mk3 modules together, acting from a common CV control in a multi-piece performance context (even a simple multiple module can bring these things together). Or you can just hit it with a slow LFO and enjoy the sounds transforming into entirely different ones, where you only need to touch one control to accomplish it instead of a dozen. Presets are stored on an onboard EEPROM.

- There will not be a Tyme Sefari MkIII or Stillson Hammer MkIII any time soon, there's lots of life left in that hardware.

- There will be a few more mk3s finished shortly. Performance-ready versions of old favorites with some intense new functionality, and then a few processors that go where modules fear to tread. If it gets uncomfortable, just keep mashing that continuous preset control. You'll probably find a sweet spot somewhere in there.

Edit: formatting stuff
Wonder if there will be a mkIII double andore as well.
Didn't know there was a muffwiggler group on Facebook. Confusing why....
gringostar wrote:
Wonder if there will be a mkIII double andore as well.

Triple Andore.
Ras Thavas
mt3 wrote:
gringostar wrote:
Wonder if there will be a mkIII double andore as well.

Triple Andore.

Now you're talking! It's peanut butter jelly time!
Isn't the Andore the update? Doesn't seem like IME to have a lite version of the modules.

I'm still hoping for that Escalation Dominance, but I guess that woulddn't be MKIII.
Andore is single channel.
bring on the kermit MK3!
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