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Nord Electro + Semi Modular (Pittsburgh Microvolt) Musings
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Author Nord Electro + Semi Modular (Pittsburgh Microvolt) Musings
Hi Muff Wigglers,

Wanted to get some opinions here. I'm considering getting a Nord Electro but am disappointed by its limited synth section (no real filter shaping). Was thinking I might get/build a sample library of analog single cycle waves (anyone know of a good existing library) thereby creating some faux analog oscillators (need polyphony, Electro multisamples can do that) and then run the output of the Electro through a semi modular mono synths filter.

Saw the Pittsburgh Modular Microvolt 3900 being teased at NAMM, looks pretty great. Other suggestions for Semi Modular synths I could use? Would like it to be small enough to fit on the Electro's surface.

Basically wondering is this technically feasible? If I send the midi out from the Nord Electro to the Semi Modular that should act as an envelope follower to get the Electro's sampled oscillators synced up to the Semi Modulars Filter envelopes. Maybe even thinking of adding a wave shaper to the signal flow before the filter if I can find the $$$.

Am I overlooking anything or does this sound reasonable?

That will work but no matter how many notes you play on the Electro, you will be jamming all of them down to a mono (possibly stereo but monophonic) env/vca/filter on the modular. You could sort of get a unison sound but you'd be totally shooting yourself in the foot running the Electro this way.

The Electro series are money for organ, e piano, and is passable for grand piano, but I wouldn't recommend it for a second if you're looking for synth tones, and your proposed solution isn't going to work the way you think it is.
Wanted to add that the Electro doesn't have any pitch bend capabilities, very frustrating cause it'd be such a good synth companion if it had.
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