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ARM M4 Cortex w/ 16 Channel DAC
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Author ARM M4 Cortex w/ 16 Channel DAC
Hi all,

I'm just curious if anyone knows whether there is a limit to the amount of channels you can get out of an ARM chip when connecting a DAC? So if I wanted to build something like frames, but one that controlled 16 channels so that it could be used in a computer controlled matrix mixer configuration? Is the bottleneck the speed of the processor? I am working with a few friends on a project, and we're mostly in the concept phase, but I'm just wondering if it is even possible. Sorry if this is an extremely basic question.
depends upon the update rate and what else you want to the processor to do. but, it is doable. you can set up the DMA to automatically update the DAC, which saves some overhead. i have an M4 sending and recieving from an 8 channel codec (in and out = 16) at 48k/16b.
It should definitely be possible.

Depending on what your needs are regarding resolution and update bandwidth it might also be worth it to look at using PWM outputs directly from the M4 timers.
It depends on how fast you want to update, and what else the mcu needs to do. If you're just spitting out CV's it's no problem, if you're trying to do audio rate that's a different story. In most cases the 180Mz/200MHz ARM core M4's will be fine.. you can always look to the new generation of M7's as well.. they have 600MHz clock and in many cases they are cheaper than the older M4's.
Thanks guys for the all the information guys, this was really helpful!
I have an STM32F4 updating 8 channels of 16bit DAC at 80KHz with 0 CPU overhead, adding another 8 channels is easily doable..
Excellent, and what about the ADC side? can you run it at high rates in multichannel as well?
my DAC is SPI connected, would work the same for an ADC...
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