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Sub 2ms latency audio interfaces
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Author Sub 2ms latency audio interfaces
So there’s a new wave of mostly thunderbolt audio interfaces claiming to facilitate monitoring through the DAW without noticeable latency (eg presonus quantum, Motu 828es).

I really love my VST effects more than my eurorack effects. Obviously a bit different with respect to ability to modulate, but with Bitwig or I assume live it’s not really a technical issue (but could be a personal preference issue ... I don’t mind personally). But I’m thinking of funding a “close to zero” latency interface purchase with some effect module (and pedal) sales so...

Wanted to see if anyone has experience with sub-2ms latency interfaces and using then to monitoring their synths through their daw effects in real time and how that’s worked out for you
big job head
2ms is approximatively the minimum latency you could get with "zero latency monitoring" due to the AD/DA conversion.

VST effect will add latency no matter what. Your computer, driver and settings will be more determinant to minimize this.

Get a very good processor, ssd disk drive if you read audio from daw, switch to 96k and test different buffer size.
Also it's wise to use only built-in effects.

I do that when i jam with some friends, all is monitored thru ableton live using a cheap tc interface + adat : i get a pretty solid 10ms latency. not bad...
Also interested to hear about people's experiences. I am considering the Motu 8A which has something like 1.6ms round trip latency. But my computer isn't the fastest, so am also considering getting an older RME UFX due to its solid reputation and built in multitrack recording to usb drive capabilities.
Thanks for that. I’m going to give a MOTU 828es a shot and will report back. Not selling the FX modules just yet :-)

I think the way the quantum works at least is sort of like how Logic has a low latency mode with two streams. Not sure how it all works, but based on videos and reviews I t does seem that the sub-2ms RTL is legit ... at least in ideal circumstances
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