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project at juncture of field recording, hauntology & sou
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Author project at juncture of field recording, hauntology & sou

traces is an artist-in-residence sound art project, we started
to spread with my agent. We are seeking for opportunities for doing it world wide.

traces addresses reminiscences from the past and how they pervade in the present and the future through a site-specific sound art installation and a live performance based on a short one- week residence work.

The news is on my blog and please contact Aurélie if you have ideas for recommending me places for residences.

This video figures my new eurorack live performance setup dedicated to 'traces', for live improvisation, samples mangling, granular synthesis tools & more sound design.
It has been captured on 5 feb 2018 by Rad’Ho.
Sound has been designed exclusively with modular machines, and extracted from my live performance FRGMENTS commissioned by Asia Culture Center, late 2017.
I think you have a typo in the title unless sou is actually a word. Also I think the promotional video would be better if the modules were already plugged in at the beginning. Good luck with your project man!
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