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Waldorf XT Power suspension Issue
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Author Waldorf XT Power suspension Issue
I have recently purchased a waldorf XT and it almost never goes into suspension. I am assuming its either 1 or a few parts in the chain that are failing but I was curious if someone new which chip handles the power or the suspension of power? Trying to find a place to start.

thank you for the help in advance/
Not sure what you mean by "suspension". Do you mean it doesn't power on sometimes? And is this a Microwave XT (MWXT) we are talking about?
Well as far as I understand there is no power button on the XT it has a standby button. You hold it down and the synth goes into standby. The chip(s) that handle this operation.

thank you
I cannot tell if its the larger main board or if its the smaller board underneath.
Quick update folks, if anyone cares lol!

The repair tech was unable to resolve the issue. He kept it for a long time. He did resolve the less responsive utility button though.

I emailed waldorf and we will see where that goes but now I still cannot put it in standby. In addition, if it sits for 20-30 mins it starts rebooting over and over again by itself.
nice....interested to know the resolution and if waldorf still wish to support.

Couple of HEF4027BE (dual JK flip-flops) and BC338 (NPN trans.) with surrounding circuitry, form the on/off circuit.

An 7805 is used in the mains connector section.
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