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Mounting QPS2 in DIY case?
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Author Mounting QPS2 in DIY case?
Planning a foray into 5U with a small DIY case and looking at the QPS2 as the PSU option. It looks like its intended to just hang loose with an open-backed case, but I'm wondering if anyone figured out a better solution for mounting it inside a closed-back case and coming up with a cleaner/more professional connection solution than just drilling a hole for the IEC cable to connect to the brick inside the case?

I guess I could buy an IEC inlet, mount that to the exterior than cut/strip/solder another IEC cable to connect the brick to the inlet internally - but that seems a little goofy.

This may be better suited for the DIY forum, but I figured I ask here first.
As it is the QPS2 is a kludgy sort of device. It is obviously a hack-job to add several distribution points to a single power supply.

I have one and use it as a testing power supply for the modules I build. Because I only use one or two of the power connections at a time I've actually removed the rest and used them to create a wiring harness for one of my cabinets. I connected this harness to a Q103 which receives its power from a QPS3 power supply located in one of my other cabinets.

You could potentially do something similar by wiring a DIN style connector to the end of the main power connection on the QPS2. First remove all the power connection wires. You could then mount the DIN connector's mate on the back of your cabinet and connect the QPS2 to this connector. The aforementioned removed cables could then be used as a harness to feed your modules.

Please be aware that when messing with power you could very easily severely harm yourself and / or your modules so if you're not sure or not experienced with this type of work seek out someone who is. I'm not trying to be patronizing, I just wouldn't like to see anyone hurt on my advice.

I hope this is helpful.
This is very helpful! I was wondering if I could kludge the DIN connectors to make it similar to the QPS4 and Portable 11 connectors - thanks for confirming. I have a bit of experience building modules and just recently built my own Euro case and PSU, so I should hopefully be able handle these mods. I’m trying to avoid any lengthy builds now, so these quick changes should do the trick!
Shoggoth wrote:
This is very helpful! I was wondering if I could kludge the DIN connectors to make it similar to the QPS4 and Portable 11 connectors - !
Why not just get the QPS4 instead then since it already has the DIN connector and is $45 less expensive? cool

Of course you'll need the a wiring harness and if you get the QDH20 the total cost will be $10 more then just getting the QPS2 but you'll have 12 more power cables.

Or, get the QPS4 (or Analog Craftsman's acPSU which is the same price), and Analog Analog Craftsman's acBus distro board ($20) and 8 of his power cables ($4 to $5 each)? A slightly more expensive option but nicer?
These are all great suggestions - exactly what I was looking for, thank you!
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