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midi control change randomizer
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Author midi control change randomizer
looking for a midi CC randomizer,does exist a unit that let you randomise something like 8 CC in one time ?
Saw that midipal can do it but only 2 CC at time...
plan to use it to randomise some value on my Digitakt.
would be great if someone knows !!
LoFi Junglist
Run some midipals in series?
could be a solution,if nothing else exist.
Robert McLeod
A Yamaha MEP4 perhaps?
I recently invested in an event processor plus from midi solutions.

Use one lfo to generate random values on any cc you want. Use conditional trigs to store values in the processor.
Use these values in a new generated message...
32 operations/function slots possibles.

The new firmware of the retrokits RK002 could be of some help too...

I'm working on a semi generative setup with an a4,DN and OT atm and the event processor has been a great addition to get rid of computer for midi processing...
djthopa h

Havent had time to use mine yet with the jomox modbrane midi in, but its one of the devices functions.
djthopa wrote: h

Havent had time to use mine yet with the jomox modbrane midi in, but its one of the devices functions.

As above. I've got two of these little babies; check them out.
it's software but a friend of mine and I came up with this years ago. not sure if it'll run on current OS but it did what you were asking:
Thanks for all suggestion !

wow this goliath from gibbon is exactely what i was looking for,
will order it now : )
could be a great perfomance tool for elektron boxes,
any experience with them ?
wwith digitakt specially.
together with randomization (for which you have three 'bunches', each can hold up to 16 MIDI CCs), you can also control the parameters at once with the encoder, which can give some nice results hihi it works similarly to CTRAL on the MD and on some of the new Elektron's machines.
any more questions, i'll be happy to help smile
hey great ! thanks for this precision seems a nice midi box,now waiting for it : )
nnice smile should be on its way already
It's a doddle to do these kind of midi transforms in an arduino. Only rudimentary coding skills are needed and there's tons of example programs on line.
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