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MPC live analog clock possible
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Author MPC live analog clock possible
I have noticed the mpc live has cv tracks but no cv outputs as the big brother mpc x. However this won't be a big deal for me.

I am more interested in using the mpc as master clock for analog gear. As I couldn't find any sync/clock output, I wonder, if one of the output could be used for this. Can I set up/record a track with the needed pulse for generating an analog clock signal?
Have you tried a single pulse sample already? See this thread for more info.
Sorry, I forgot to mention that I don't own a MPC live yet. I am shortly before pushing the trigger to buy.

Thanks for guiding me to the thread.
I did this to clock an er-101 and it worked perfectly. It might depend on how much voltage is required trigger whatever you intend to clock. I didn’t measure it but for the er-101 it was enough
I own a MPC live meanwhile and use a Kenton interface to get an analog clock signal.

But it worked with the internal metronom click and a pulse sample as well.
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