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Developing a Discovery Machine
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Author Developing a Discovery Machine
Heyo! Elnooberino here. Been reading lots of posts but having difficulty understanding the nuances and how they relate directly since i havent had the chance to get my hands on anything physical. Im a tactile.

I want to start building a machine that gets to the core of sound, something ambient, heavy, freaky, post-rocky and that is conducive to sonic explorations. In the long run i am to incorporate my beast into a live drum performance.

Right now however, i just bought a rack and am itching to start filling it with modules. My budget is small. Like $1000 cad. So i am looking for best bang for my buck.

What am I missing, what do i need, are there better first modules to start my noodlefest asap?

A peremptory thank you to all you beauties. Much love.

Edit: thats a diy erica synth polivoks, just noticed its hard to see.
If you want to get into the thick of it quickly, and not spend too much right off the bat, why not go semimodular? That's how I started and it gets you a working instrument very quickly vs. getting each module individually. Obviously in the future it's great to build your own voice but at the very beginning something self contained makes it a lot easier to wrap your head around core ideas and practices.

So on that note, something like the 0-Coast by Make Noise? Can do heavy and clean and drone and all that, and it's not too pricey AND it's rack mountable. My only gripe with it is that it might be a little cryptic for those just getting into euro. I personally started on the Pittsburgh Modular SV-1 which gave me a great foundation to work on. This one would definitely be less cryptic since it's routed in traditional west coast synthesis. Beyond that there is the Moog Mother 32 which is super popular. Nothing really to say about that one. It is Moog after all.

Anyway just my thoughts! Semimodular is a quick was to get into it (and low commitment) and there's lots of resources online if you ever get stuck that would be tailored specifically to whatever you're using. BUT if you want to put the time in and build your own voice that's great too! Either way have fun and spend less time on and more time actually wiggling!
You're obviously hip to the "not enough VCAs" jive. thumbs up
You should think about how far you want to expand your system and plan what you want it to be to prevent being short sightwd. If i was going to start a system for 1000 i would get hertz donut and a double andore.
Thanks for info so far guys!

I do jive with the idea of maybe taking the semi-modulsr rout, i would go 0-coast for sure but mostly because i am not too daunted by the learning curve.

But by that same logic, going individual module doesnt frighten me too much either.

I am willing to be patient and built it slowly over time, I just dont want my initial invesment to leave me overly lacking because it will be a while until i can invest again.

I also really like the flexability and scope of the andor and hertz but felt like the sound quality didnt quite give me that gut feeling of standing of the edge of an abyss so i hestate to go with them, despite them being incredibly versatile and powerul.

Thats what draws me to the polivoks unit and the make noise modules, their density and capability of going disgustingly granular really tussles my cheescake.

And in the long run i would like a morphagene, some sort of sequencer (the cartesian approach to rene has intrigued me from the very beginning) and a hearty drum machine, but thats far down the road. Thats why i bought a tiptop rack kit, so i can build my own box and expand to a multi rack kit over time.
After more research, investigation and the offer of a harvestman polivoks, i went and reconfigured my setup again. I all ready have my rack and if i can find most these mods second hand, i could keep it within budged.


I think the Maths and DPLPG are great - I have both and wouldn’t part with either. I had a M1xXOR and eventually sold it. I’m now using a combination of switches, mixers and sequencers instead. Other Wigglers will tell you not to bother with a headphone module, but I like to have everything in the case and always wiggle with headphones. My favourite output modules are Xerest Pola (if you want mixing) or Intellijel uJack (if you want stereo).
Is there something I could replace the M1xXOR with to achieve similar explorability at a similar price? I was also looking at Plancks for that slot.

Those other headphone jack modules are pretty useful but atm I need to keep costs low so I think I will stick with the dP
If it were me, I would start with Maths, VCG, DPLPG and the headphone out, and just explore that for a while. You don’t have many sources to mix, and Maths can do that for you. There are better sequencing options for a small rig than M1xXOR (e.g., many flavors of Turing Machine or Ornament and Crime or LFO plus sample and hold). If you don’t mind menu diving, a Disting is hard to beat for the functionality and size. Even if you do mind menu diving, it is a great way to explore the functionality of dozens of modules, one at a time.
I can get behind that setup plus a disting. It does seem like a good place to start exploring and messing around a bit.

In the long run I found a few modules I think I will hold out for, those being Qu-Bit legacy items, the Tri-Ger seems to have a lot of fun functionality and can make a small system a bit more flexible, and then add a few more oscillators & VCA's like the Eon.
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