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Video series on creating a modular for live performance
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Author Video series on creating a modular for live performance
This is the first in a series of videos documenting the design and evolution of a live performance rig for modular synthesizers. I've been working with Eurorack for the last couple of years in a studio setting, and have learned over time what modules and types of modules I like and don't like. I decided over a year ago to migrate much of my system to a portable case suitable for live performance, as well as bringing to other recording studios.

This series will show my thought process, and will look at each sub system, and how they work together as a whole to make a improvisation-oriented live performance system in Eurorack.

Tried the link and got 404 error
Fixed that for you...

art decadence
This looks excellent! can't wait to see more.
Samehere nanners
thumbs up
Hi folks -

I've just posted episode 2. Sorry about the 404 on the previous video - there seems to be some kind of devil magic to posting Youtube links here that I have not figured out. Let's try again with the new episode:

Just make sure to not use https:// links, but just http:// and everything should be fine (same not only goes for videos, but also for SoundCloud links etc.).
You have a good voice for these types of videos and there’s something about a man of mature age sittning in shorts on the floor unboxing a new toy. wink

Looking forward to the videos about the actual live oriented modular setup.
Thanks for that, Lisa. I was born with a radio voice, which comes in very useful at my day job, where we record dialog all day long.

Of course shorts! I live in Southern California - what else would I wear? My typical uniform is a black t-shirt, shorts, and a pair of Teva sandals.

And everyone loves their new toys, regardless of their...level of chronological maturity wink

On a more interesting note, I am in the middle of writing the script for the next episode, which is on the large-scale design and layout of the instrument. Part 4 will then be on the master clock and pulse streams. That will be the episode where we get away from the abstractions and large-scale thinking, and get into the detail of how the modules work together. smile
underthebigtree wrote:
That will be the episode where we get away from the abstractions and large-scale thinking, and get into the detail of how the modules work together. smile

Sounds interesting! thumbs up
I will be following this series intently - mana from heaven.
Episode 3 is up!

This one is all about design and layout, breaking down the modular into systems that interact with each other. And there is a bit on the amazing Steevio, who's ideas for polyrhythm, harmony, signal routing, and groove within a modular system are highly influential on my design.

There's a ton of analysis and theory that I wanted to get through. Next time we get into the actual modules.

Nice! 8 voices though, that's a lot to keep track on in a live situation. woah
You talk about the ADSRs, have you thought about the Intellijel Quadra?
It can do quad AR. AHR. and Cycle! They go down to some nice and snappy timings aswell.

How are you approaching stereo out to the mixer? do you just do 2 mono imputs and pan them left and right or do you have to merge the mono eurorack cables into a stereo trs?
Lisa: You are absolutely right - 8 tracks is too much to keep track of at once. But the plan is not to be using more than a few at a time - and if it turns out to be too many voices, either for space or practical reasons, then I will pare down for sure.

Blacklight: Thanks for the tip on the Quadra. I love Intellijel stuff, so I will definitely check it out.

As far as the mixer, I plan on having each voice out to the mixer as a separate line. That way, I will have control over level, pan, reverb amount, etc. I mention my current thought in the video, which is to use the 1U Link modules to connect the modular to the mixer via DB25->TRS cables. We shall see!
If I were planning a 12U for a rhythm-oriented live rig (I suppose that's what you're doing, right?), I'd rather have my stereo mixer within the case, especially with the amount of voice you're aiming for. Of course it eats up a lot of "valuable" space, but having everything inside the rack is very appealing, at least to me. The WMD performance mixer would give you control over level, pan, aux send/return return, headphones out etc.

Looking forward to the next episode!
hi Nick, nicely produced video series! SlayerBadger! thumbs up

Something I did that you might also want to consider for your live case is to modify and combine a Doepfer A-182-1 switched multiple and a regular passive multiple.
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